Wythe to Franklin, 6 September 1777

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George Wythe writes to Benjamin Franklin recommending Thomas Shore to wait on Franklin at Shore's asking. Wythe is confident in Shore's good qualities, referencing both personally knowing Shore and the testimonies of several respectable people that also know Shore.

Letter text

Williamsburg, 6 Septemb. 1777.


Mr. Thomas Shore, a young gentleman of Virginia, about to embark for Europe, will probably do himself the honour to wait upon you. My acquaintance with him, and the testimony several very respectable persons bear of his good qualities authorise me to say, that I have great confidence he will not be found unworthy any kindness you may be pleased to shew him. His calling upon me gives me an opportunity I am always glad to have, whilst I am endeavouring to do a good office to a deserving man, of assuring you, that I remain your wellwisher, and most obedient servant

G. Wythe

Doctor Franklin,

one of the honourable commissioners

from the general congress of America.

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