Wythe & Archibald Cary to Virginia Delegates, 23 May 1777

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"Wythe & Archibald Cary to Virginia Delegates, 4 June 1777." Image from The Papers of the Continental Congress, 1774-1789.

Letter text


In General Assembly the 23d. of May 1777

Resolved that George Mason Esquire be appointed a Delegate to represent this State in General Congress in the room of Thomas Nelson Esquire; & that Benjamin Harrison, George Mason, Joseph Jones, Francis Lightfoot Lee and John Harvie Esquires, be appointed Delegates to represent this State in the said Congress for one Year from the eleventh day of August next, they having been respectively chosen for that purpose by joint Ballot of both Houses.

Archibald Cary
Speaker of the Senate

G. Wythe, speaker of
the house of delegates

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