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| CHAP. XXII. Isaac Dy'd at the Age of 185 Years; and was Bury'd in Hebron.  
| CHAP. XXII. Isaac Dy'd at the Age of 185 Years; and was Bury'd in Hebron.  
===BOOK THE SECOND. From the Year of the World 2230, to 2454. (52)===  
===BOOK THE SECOND. From the Year of the World 2230, to 2454. (52)===  
        CHAP. I. Esau and Jacob divide their Possessions: Idumæa falls to the Former, and Chanaan to the Other.  
CHAP. I. Esau and Jacob divide their Possessions: Idumæa falls to the Former, and Chanaan to the Other.  
        CHAP. II. Joseph's Dreams. His Brothers envy him; and conspire against his Life.  
CHAP. II. Joseph's Dreams. His Brothers envy him; and conspire against his Life.  
        CHAP. III. Joseph sold by his Brethren into Ægypt, where he's highly Advanc'd.  
CHAP. III. Joseph sold by his Brethren into Ægypt, where he's highly Advanc'd.  
        CHAP. IV. Joseph Tempted to Lewdness by Potiphar's Wife. His Exemplary Continence.  
CHAP. IV. Joseph Tempted to Lewdness by Potiphar's Wife. His Exemplary Continence.  
        CHAP. V. Joseph falsly Accused, and Committed to Prison; and what befell him there. His Interpretation of several Dreams.  
CHAP. V. Joseph falsly Accused, and Committed to Prison; and what befell him there. His Interpretation of several Dreams.  
        CHAP. VI. Joseph highly in the Kings Favour. The Adventures of Himself and his Brethren upon their coming into Ægypt.  
CHAP. VI. Joseph highly in the Kings Favour. The Adventures of Himself and his Brethren upon their coming into Ægypt.  
        CHAP. VII. Jacob hearing how Splendidly his Son Joseph Liv'd in Ægypt, gives him a Visit there with his whole Family.
CHAP. VII. Jacob hearing how Splendidly his Son Joseph Liv'd in Ægypt, gives him a Visit there with his whole Family.
        CHAP. VIII. The Death of Jacob, and of Joseph.  
CHAP. VIII. The Death of Jacob, and of Joseph.  
        CHAP. IX. The Miserable Slavery of the Hebrews in Ægypt, for 400 Years. The Birth of Moses, and the Providence of his Preservation, by the means of Pharaoh's Daughter.  
CHAP. IX. The Miserable Slavery of the Hebrews in Ægypt, for 400 Years. The Birth of Moses, and the Providence of his Preservation, by the means of Pharaoh's Daughter.  
         CHAP. X. The Warr of Moses with the Æthiopians.  
         CHAP. X. The Warr of Moses with the Æthiopians.  

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2 Title Page
5 TWO DISCOURSES UPON JOSEPHUS. DISCOURSE I. By way of Enquiry into the Life and Religion of Josephus: wherein an account is given of that Famous Passage relating to our Blessed Lord and Saviour.
11 DISCOURSE II. By way of Enquiry into the Chronology of Josephus in his ANTIQUITIES.
19 AN APPENDIX TO THE Two foregoing Discourses.
22 The chief Errors of the Press, that occurr in the Notes at the bottom of some Pages, are thus to be Corrected.
23 Main Body
23 BOOK THE FIRST, Containing the History of 2230 Years from the Creation of the World.
23 CHAP. I. The Introduction, setting forth the Summ and Scope of the whole Work.
25 CHAP II. The Creation of the World in six Days. The seventh, a Sabbath, or a day of Rest. The Forming of Adam and Eve, and why they were so call'd. Paradise Planted, and Adam and Eve put into it. The ...
27 CHAP. III. The History of Cain and Abel. Cain Murders his Brother. God calls him to Account, sets a mark upon him, and pronounces a Curse against him for it. Cain was the Inventor of Weights and Measu ...
28 CHAP. IV. The wickedness of the world, and God's just Judgment upon it. The Deluge. Noah's Ark. Noah's Genealogy. The time of the Deluge. The ten Generations from Adam to the Flood. The beginning and ...
31 CHAP. V. Noah's three Sons, Shem, Japheth, and Ham, Plant in Sennaar. An Ignorant and a Stubborn Generation. Nimrod Noah's Grand-child, their Head and Ring-leader. The design of the Tower of Babel ru
32 CHAP. VI. The Sons of Noah Disperse themselves all over the Face of the Earth.
32 CHAP. VII. Several Nations took their Names from their several Founders. The Race of Noah down to Jacob: and the Places they Inhabited.
35 CHAP VIII. Abraham having no Children of his own, Adopts his Nephew Lot. Quits Chaldæa; and takes up his Abode in Chanaan.
35 CHAP. IX. Upon a Famine in Chanaan, Abraham removes into Ægypt; and takes Sarah along with him, where he stays a while, and then Returns.
36 CHAP. X. The Sodomites defeated by the Assyrians, and Lot taken Prisoner.
37 CHAP. XI. Abraham Routs and Pursues the Assyrians, Rescues Lot and the rest of the Prisoners. Melchisedech Treats Abraham and Abraham Presents Melchisedech with a Tenth of the Spoil God promises Abrah ...
38 CHAP. XII. The Destruction of Sodom by the just Judgment of God, for the execrable Wickedness of the People.
40 CHAP. XIII. Of Abimelech, and likewise of Ishmaël the Son of Abraham, and the Arabians his Posterity.
41 CHAP. XIV. God Commands Abraham to Sacrifice his Beloved Son Isaac. Isaac's Faith and Obedience, and the Blessing that attended it.
42 CHAP. XV. The Death of Sarah.
43 CHAP. XVI. Of Abraham, and his Wife Chetura, and their Posterity. Isaac Marries Rebecca.
44 CHAP. XVII. The Death of Abraham.
44 CHAP. XVIII. The Birth of Esau and Jacob. Esau's Wives. Isaac sends him a Hunting; but being in Years, and Dim sighted, Jacob Personates and Supplants Esau; and the Father Blesses one for the other.
46 CHAP. XIX. Jacob sent into Mesopotamia to Treat about a Match with Rachel Laban's Daughter. His Visions upon the way. He Treats with Laban, who imposes upon him.
50 CHAP. XX. The Greeting of Jacob and Esau.
50 CHAP. XXI. The Rape of Dinah. The Children of Jacob.
51 CHAP. XXII. Isaac Dy'd at the Age of 185 Years; and was Bury'd in Hebron.

BOOK THE SECOND. From the Year of the World 2230, to 2454. (52)


CHAP. I. Esau and Jacob divide their Possessions: Idumæa falls to the Former, and Chanaan to the Other. 


CHAP. II. Joseph's Dreams. His Brothers envy him; and conspire against his Life. 

53 CHAP. III. Joseph sold by his Brethren into Ægypt, where he's highly Advanc'd. 54 CHAP. IV. Joseph Tempted to Lewdness by Potiphar's Wife. His Exemplary Continence. 56

CHAP. V. Joseph falsly Accused, and Committed to Prison; and what befell him there. His Interpretation of several Dreams. 

58 CHAP. VI. Joseph highly in the Kings Favour. The Adventures of Himself and his Brethren upon their coming into Ægypt. 63

CHAP. VII. Jacob hearing how Splendidly his Son Joseph Liv'd in Ægypt, gives him a Visit there with his whole Family.

65 CHAP. VIII. The Death of Jacob, and of Joseph. 65 CHAP. IX. The Miserable Slavery of the Hebrews in Ægypt, for 400 Years. The Birth of Moses, and the Providence of his Preservation, by the means of Pharaoh's Daughter. 68

       CHAP. X. The Warr of Moses with the Æthiopians. 


       CHAP. XI. The ungrateful Ægyptians Practice upon the Life of Moses, who Flyes from Ægypt to Madian. 


       CHAP. XII. Of God's appearing in the Fiery Bush, and of Moses's Rod. 


       CHAP. XIII. Upon the News of Pharaoh's Death, Moses and Aaron go into Ægypt, to the New King. 


       CHAP. XIV. The Ten Plagues of Ægypt. 


       CHAP. XV. The March of the Hebrews out of Ægypt, under the Command of Moses. 


       CHAP. XVI. The Israelites pass through the Red Sea. The Ægyptians pursue them, and are Drown'd. 


   BOOK THE THIRD. From the Year of the World 2454 to 2455. 


       CHAP. I. The Passage of the Israelites from Ægypt to Mount Sinai. Their Hardships by the way. Their Murmurings against Moses. The Miseries they endur'd by Hunger and Thirst, till they were Reliev'd by ... 


       CHAP. II. A Confederacy of five Kings against the Hebrews. The Amalekites Routed by Joshua. The Arrival of the Hebrews at Mount Sinai. 


       CHAP. III. Raguel repairs to his Son in Law Moses, to joy him of his Success. 


       CHAP. IV. Raguel gives Moses Advice about Religion and Government; and for the Ordering of his Army. 


       CHAP. V. Moses goes up to the Mount, where he Receives the Law from God, and Communicates it to the People. 


       CHAP. VI. Moses Builds a Tabernacle according to God's Appointment for his Holy Worship. 


       CHAP. VII. Of the Priests, and High-Priest's Vestments; Purifications, and Festivals. 


       CHAP. VIII. Of the Priesthood of Aaron. 


       CHAP. IX. Of Sacrifices. 


       CHAP. X. Laws and Ordinances for the Regulation of Priests, Sacrifices, Festivals; and other matters Political and Civil. 


       CHAP. XI. The Tribe of Levi set apart for the Service of the Altar. Of Meats, and Persons, Clean and Unclean. Laws for Women in Child-Bed; and in case of Adultery and Jealousy. 


       CHAP. XII. Laws against Adultery and Incest. Priests restrain'd in their Marriages. The Seventh Year's Sabbaoth; and the Hebrews Jubilee. Ordinances of War. The People number'd. Two Silver Trumpets, a ... 


       CHAP. XIII. A Muttering against Moses for want of Food, and a Flight of Quails to supply it. 


       CHAP. XIV. Spys sent into Chanaan. The Delicacy, Plenty, and Strength of the Country tempts and affrights the Deputies. A Conspiracy against Moses. Joshua and Caleb compose it. Moses and Aaron obtain ... 


       CHAP. XV. Moses tells the People from God, that They themselves should never enter into the Land of Chanaan; but that their Children shall. They repent, and humble themselves. Moses, a Person of Grea 102 
   BOOK THE FOURTH. From the Year of the World 2455 to 2493. 


       CHAP. I. The Israelites make War upon the Chanaanites, contrary to the Advice of Moses, and are shamefully Overthrown. 


       CHAP. II. The Schism of Corah against Moses and Aaron, about the High-Priesthood. 


       CHAP. III. Gods Judgment upon Corah, Dathan, and Abiram; and the Priesthood settled upon Aaron and his Posterity. 


       CHAP. IV. What befell the Israelites in the Desert, during the Space of 38 Years. 


       CHAP. V. Sehon and Og Defeated by Moses, and their Lands distributed by Lot to two Tribes and a half of the Hebrews. 


       CHAP. VI. Moses makes War upon the Madianites. The History of Balaam and Balaak. Zimri opposes Moses. Phineas kills Zimri and Cosbi. 


       CHAP. VII. The Hebrews Obtain a Notable Victory over the Madianites.


       CHAP. VIII. The Life, and Laws of Moses. 


   Flavius Josephus, OF THE Antiquities of the Jews. THE FIFTH BOOK. [From the Year of the World 2493, to 2850.] 


       CHAP. I. Joshua succeeds Moses in his Command over the Hebrews; Fights, and Subdues the Canaanites, and Divides their Lands by Lot among the Tribes. 


       CHAP. II. Adonibezee defeated, and taken Prisoner. Jerusalem Besieg'd. Hebron Taken. A Dismal Story of a Levite and his Wife. A Dreadfull Civil War. 


       CHAP. III. Chusarth Subdues the Israelites, and keeps them eight Years in Subjection. 


       CHAP. IV. Kenaz delivers the Israelites out of their Bondage.


       CHAP. V. The Israelites Oppress'd by Eglon, and Deliver'd by Ehud. 


       CHAP. VI. The Israelites pass from One Slavery to Another, and are deliver'd in the Conclusion by Deborah and Barack. 


       CHAP. VII. The Midianites, with the Amalekites and Arabians, over-run the Israelites. 


       CHAP. VIII. Gideon rescues the Israelites out of the Hand of the Midianites. 


       CHAP. IX. The Tyranny and Death of Abimelech. Israel Enslaved by the Ammonites and Philistines. Jephtha sets them Free; Overthrows the Ephraimites; and after the Death of Jothan, Apsan, Elon, and Abdo ... 


       CHAP. X. The Prediction, and the Birth of Samson. His Amours, and Encounters. 


       CHAP. II. Of Naomi, Ruth, and Booz. The Birth of Samuel, The Hebrews defeated by the Philistines. 


       CHAP. XII. The Death of Eli for the Loss of the Ark; and the Birth of Ichabod. 


   BOOK THE SIXTH. [From the Year of the World 2850, to 2890.] 


       CHAP. I. The Taking of the Ark. Dagon falls down before it. The Plagues that Attended it, till it was brought back again. 


       CHAP. II. The Joy of the Israelites at the Return of the Ark. A Miraculous Victory Obtain'd over the Philistins.


       CHAP. III. Samuel being now in Years, Transferrs the Government to his Two Sons. 


       CHAP. IV. The Israelites press Earnestly for a King, and God in his Wrath gives them One. 


       CHAP. V. Saul Declared King. Nahash Besieges Jabesh. Saul Relieves it, and gives the Enemy a Total Defeat. 


       CHAP. VI. Saul gets an Army together; Routs Nahash; and is a Second time Anointed, and Declar'd King. 


       CHAP. VII. Saul incurrs God's Displeasure. Jonathan Obtains a Glorious Victory over the Philistins. Saul makes a Rash Vow. His Children, and his Mighty Power. 


       CHAP. VIII. God Commands Saul to Extirpate the Amalekites: But taking King Agag Prisoner, and keeping him Alive, he is Cast-off for his Disobedience. 


       CHAP. IX. The Translation of the Kingdom from Saul to Another Family; and David Proclaim'd King. 


       CHAP. X. The Philistins advance with an Army against the Hebrews. Goliah Defies the Israelites to a single Combat; and David Accepts the Challenge. 


       CHAP. XI. David kills Goliah. The Philistins Routed. And Saul takes-up a Mortal Jealousy against David. 


       CHAP. XII. Saul designs upon David's Life, and Jonathan from time to time gives him Notice of his Danger. 


       CHAP. XIII. Jonathan reconciles Saul to David: and Saul restores him to his former Post. 


       CHAP. XIV. David overthrows the Philistins. Saul seeks his Life, and Michol saves it. A League betwixt David and Jonathan. David Flyes to Gath. Abimeleck relieves him, and Saul puts Abimeleck and the 


       CHAP. XV. Saul consults the Ghost of Samuel. The Spirit foretells him the Loss of the Battle, with the Death of Himself, and his Sons: and it proves so accordingly. The Amalekites pillage and burn Zic ... 


   Flavius Josephus OF The Jewish Antiquities. BOOK THE SEVENTH. [From the Year of the World 2890, to 2931.] 


       CHAP. I. David's Lamentations for the Death of Saul and Jonathan. The Tribe of Judah sets-up David for their King. Abner sets-up Ishbosheth. Abner marches against David, and is defeated by Joab. Hazael ... 


       CHAP. II. Baanah and Reehab present David with the Head of Ishbosheth; who orders them to be put to death by Exquisite Torments. All the Tribes Own David for their King. He raises an Army, and takes J ... 


       CHAP. III. Jerusalem call'd the City of David; who takes the Town, Fortifies, Adorns it, and keeps his Court there. The King of Tyre seeks his Friendship, and Allyance. David's Wives and Children. 


       CHAP. IV. David's Signal Victories over the Philistins, and their Allyes. The Ark brought to Jerusalem. ... struck Dead for touching it. David Sings, and Dances before it; and his Wife ... ridicules h ... 


       CHAP. V. Several Mighty Victories obtain'd by David against the Philistins, the Moabites, and the King of the Sophenians. 


       CHAP. VI. David Overthrows Adad; Subdues the Idumæans; Provides for Mephibosheth the Son of Jonathan, and makes War upon the King of the Ammonites. 


       CHAP. VII. Joah overthrows Hanun, and his Confederates. David gives a Terrible Defeat to the King of Syria. The Story of David and Bathsheba. Amnon ravishes Thamar, and her Brother Absalom lays a Plot ... 


       CHAP. VIII. The Death of Amnon frights the Brothers. Absalom flies to Geshur. Joab gets leave for him to return. He goes to Hebron upon a Pretended Vow, and enveigles the People to declare him King. A ... 


       CHAP. IX. Achitophel's Counsel for the Destroying of David. Hushai opposes it, and carries it against him. Achitophel hangs himself upon the Disappointment. Absalom makes Amaza his General; sights a B ... 


       CHAP. X. David's Grief for Absalom: and Joab's Plain-dealing with him. Shimei pardon'd. The Tribe of Judah goes-out to receive David; and the Rest fall-off at the Instigation of Sheba. David sends Ama ... 


       CHAP. XI. David gives Solomon Orders and Instructions for the building of a Temple. Adonijah sets up for King; but lets fall his Pretence upon the People's Opposing him. David's Speech, and Charge to ... 


       CHAP. XII. David's Last Charge, Prayer and Farewel to his Son Solomon. His Death and Burial.


   BOOK THE EIGHTH. [From the Year of the World 2931, to 3048.] 


       CHAP. I. Solomon comes to the Throne with an Universal Joy; only Adonijah Tampers underhand with Bathsheba. Solomon causes Adonijah, Joab, and Shimei to be put to death; and Deposes Abiathar from the ... 


       CHAP. II. Solomon Marries the Daughter of the King of Ægypt, and repairs the Walls of Jerusalem. He's endu'd with the Gift of Wisdom. The Names of his Great Officers. He builds a Temple; places the Ar ... 


       CHAP. III. The Death of Solomon. Rehoboam discontents the People. Ten Tribes fall off, and declare for Jeroboam; who seduces them to Idolatry. He officiates as High-Priest. The Prophet Jadon reproves ... 


       CHAP. IV. Shishak King of Ægypt lays Siege to Jerusalem. King Rehoboam meanly gives it-up: and the Temple is Pillag'd. Rehoboam dyes, and Abias his Son Succeeds him: Jeroboam is foretold by the Prophe ... 


       CHAP. V. Abias the King of Judah gets a Great Victory over Jeroboam King of Israel. Abias dies, and leaves Asa his Successor. The Death of Jeroboam. Nadab his Son Succeeds him, Baasha kills Nadab, and ... 


       CHAP. VI. Asa the King of Judæa was an Excellent Person. He gave a very Great Overthrow to Zaræus the King of Æthiopia. The King of Damaseus joyns against Baasha the King of Israel, who is Murder'd by ...


       CHAP. VII. Zimri Murders Elah the King of Israel: and the Army Chuses Omri King. He sets Fire to the Place and burns himself with it. Ahab succeeds to Omri; a Wicked Prince. Elias foretels his Ruin. J ... 


       CHAP. VIII. Adad besieges Ahab in Samaria, and is beaten-off. He is Worsted again the Next Year, and flies to Ahab for Mercy; who treats him Kindly, and Dismisses him; which the Prophet reproves him f ... 


       CHAP. IX. The Piety, Good Fortune, and Power of Jehoshaphat. His Son Joram Marries the Daughter of the King of Israel, and joyns in a War with Ahab against Adad. 


       CHAP. X. The Prophets Consulted about the War with Adad. Zedekijah tells Ahab that he shall be Victorious. Michaiah the Contrary. It comes to a Battle, and Ahab the only Man that falls in it; and Ahaz ... 


   Flavius Josephus OF The Jewish Antiquities. BOOK THE NINTH. [From the Year of the World 3048, to 3224.] 


       CHAP. I. Jehoshaphat gets a Great Victory over the Moabites, Ammonites, and Arabians. The Wickedness and Death of Ahaziah, as Elias had foretold it. Jehoram his Brother, Succeeds him; who with the Ass ... 


       CHAP. II. Jehoram the Son of Jehoshaphat Succeeds his Father. Elisha works Miracles. Adad besieges Jehoram in Samaria. The Miraculous Raising of the Siege. Hazael Strangles Adad, and Usurps the Kingdo ... 


       CHAP. III. The Arabians break-in upon Jehoram. His Miserable End. Ahaziah his Son Succeeds him. 


       CHAP. IV. Jehoram besieges Ramoth; receives a Wound, and retires to Jezreel. Jehu carries on the Siege. Jehu anointed King of Israel with a Command to Extirpate the Family of Ahab. He Marches Directly ... 


       CHAP. V. Jehu kills Jehoram and Ahaziah with his Own Hand. 


       CHAP. VI. Jehu Orders Jezebel to be put to death; with Ahab's Seventy Sons, and all his Relations; Forty Two Persons of the Blond of Ahaziah, and all the Priests of the Tyrian Baal: The Temple also to ... 


       CHAP. VII. Athaliah meditates a Revenge upon the House of David, for that of Ahab. Jehoida the High-Priest saves Joash, the Son of Ahaziah King of Judah; sets him upon the Throne, and Causes Athaliah ... 


       CHAP. VIII. The Death of Jehu. Joash Succeeds him, who orders the Temple of Jerusalem to be Repair'd. The Death of Jehoiada. The Apostacy of Joash. Zachary ston'd to Death. Hazael Besieges Jerusalem. ...


       CHAP. IX. Amaziah Succeeds Joash. Jehoahaz implores God's Assistance against Hazael, and obtains it. His Son Joash succeeds him. Elisha foretels the Ruin of the Assyrians. The Death of Hazael, and th ... 


       CHAP. X. Amaziah Defeats the Amalekites, Idumæans, and Gabarens. He Apostatizes. Joash Overcomes and Takes him Prisoner. He delivers-up Jerusalem to save his Life. He is Kill'd by his Own People, and ...


       CHAP. XI. The Story of Jonas. The Death of Jeroboam. His Son Zachariah Succeeds him. Uzziah's Excellent Qualities, Conquests, and his Great Care of Jerusalem: But his Prosperity makes him forget God, ... 


       CHAP. XII. The Death of Jotham. Ahaz Succeeds him. Rezin and Pekah make War upon him Ahaz Overthrown by Pekah, with a Prodigious Slaughter.


       CHAP. XIII. Tiglath-Pilezer joyns with Ahaz. They Ravage Syria; Kill Rezin King of Damaseus, and Take the Place. The Wickedness and Death of Ahaz. Hezekiah Succeeds him. Hosea Murders Pekah, and seize ... 


       CHAP. XIV. Salmanezer takes Samaria; destroys the Kingdom of Israel; carries away Hosea, and all his People, Prisoners: and plants the Kingdom of Israel with a Colony of Chuthites. 


   BOOK THE TENTH. [From the Year of the World 3224, to 3425.]


       CHAP. I. Sennacherib Enters Judah with a mighty Army; Conditions with Hezekiah for a Sum of Mony to Withdraw; Receives the Mony, and Breaks his Articles. He carries the War into Ægypt, and leaves the ... 


       CHAP. II. Sennacherib besieges Jerusalem: One Hundred Eighty Five Thousand of his Men Cut-off by a Judicial Plague, the First Night. He quits the Siege, and goes Home again; where he is Murder'd by Tw ... 


       CHAP. III. Hezekiah falls Sick; and has Fifteen Years added to his Life. A League betwixt him and Balad the King of Babylon: whereupon the Prophet Isaiah foretels the Israelites Captivity in Babylon, ... 


       CHAP. IV. Manasseh the King of Judah, a Wicked Prince. The King of Babylon Ravages his Country, and takes him Prisoner: but upon his Conversion, he is set at Liberty. His Life and Death. Amon his Son ... 


       CHAP. V. Josiah's Zeal for the Extirpation of Idolatry, and the Establishment of God's Worship after the Example of King David. 


       CHAP. VI. Josiah Opposes Pharaoh-Nechoh. An Ægyptian Kills him with an Arrow. His Wicked Son Jehoahaz comes after him; who is carry'd away Prisoner into Ægypt, where he Dyes: and Pharaoh sets-up Eliak ... 


       CHAP. VII. Nebuchadnezzar Defeats Pharaoh, and makes Jehoiakim his Tributary; who is foretold, by the Prophet Jeremiah, the Miseries that are to befal him. 


       CHAP. VIII. Jehoiakim receives Nebuchadnezzar into Jerusalem. His Perfidy, and Cruelty. He puts Jehoiakim, the Father, to Death; and Jehoiakim, the Son, is made King of Judah in his stead. 


       CHAP. IX. Nebuchadnezzar, contrary to Faith, makes Jehoiakin, his Mother, and the most Eminent of his Friends, all Prisoners.


       CHAP. X. Jehoiakin made a Prisoner. Nebuchadnezzar sets up Zedekiah in his Place, upon Condition not to side with the King of Ægypt. Zedekiah Falsisies, and Nebuchadnezzar besieges Jerusalem. The King ... 


       CHAP. XI. Jerusalem Taken. The Temple, Palace and City Pillag'd and Burnt. Saraiah put to Death. Zedekiah's Eyes put out, and himself carry'd Prisoner to Babylon. The Succession of High-Priests. Gedal ... 


       CHAP. XII. Evil-Merodach succeeds Nebuchadnezzar and Discharges Jehoiakin. The Royal Line of Babylon down to Belshazzar. Cyrus, and Darius besiege him in Babylon. Daniel Expounds a Vision to him. Baby ...


   BOOK THE ELEVENTH. [From the Year of the World 3425, to 3635.]


       CHAP. I. Cyrus gives the Jews Leave to return, and to Rebuild Jerusalem and the Temple, with Letters Recommendatory to his Officers and Governours, to be Aiding and Assisting to them. 


       CHAP. II. The Jews fall to Work upon Rebuilding the City and the Temple; but Cyrus dying in the mean time, his Son Cambyses is prevail'd upon to Countermand the Design, 


       CHAP. III. Cambyses puts a stop to the Rebuilding of the City and Temple. He dies soon after, and the Administration of the Government is, for One Year, lodg'd in the Magi. Darius is Chosen King. 


       CHAP. IV. Darius gives Zerubbabel leave to Rebuild the City and Temple. The Samaritans Oppose it: But Darius, on the contrary, promotes the Design.


       CHAP. V. Xerxes Succeeds Darius, and grants to Esdras Whatever he desires in Favour of the Jews. The Character, and Death of Esdras. Nehemiah gets Permission of Xerxes to Rebuild the Walls of Jerusale ... 


       CHAP. VI. Artaxerxes Succeeds Xerxes. He puts away his Wife Vashti, and Marries Esther, the Neece of Mordecai. Haman presses the Rooting-out of the Jews, and the putting of Mordecai to death; but He i ...


       CHAP. VII. John, the High-Priest, Kills his Brother Jesus in the Temple. Manasses, the Brother of Jaddus the High-Priest, Marries the Daughter of Sanballat.


       CHAP. VIII. Alexander the Great carries the War out of Europe into Asia: Breaks the Persian Empire; and when it was Expected he should have Destroy'd Jerusalem, he Treated the Jews with all Tenderness ... 


   Flavius Josephus OF The Jewish Antiquities. BOOK THE TWELFTH. [From the Year of the World 3635, to 3804.] 


       CHAP. I. After the Death of Alexander, his Generals share the Empire. Ptolemy surprizes Jerusalem; Transplants divers Colonies of Jews into Ægypt, and Employs them in Places of Great Trust. The Jews o ... 


       CHAP. II. Ptolomy Philadelphus sets a Hundred and Twenty Thousand Jews at Liberty. He sends for Seventy Two Chosen Persons out of Judæa, to turn 


       CHAP. III. The Kings of Asia always very Kind to the Jews. Antiochus the Great Marries his Daughter Cleopatra to Ptolomy King of Ægypt.


       CHAP. IV. Joseph, the Nephew of Onias, begs his Uncle's Pardon of Ptolomy; makes his Own Forturne by it, and Advances his Son Hyrcanus. The Death of Joseph.


       CHAP. V. Arius King of Lacedæmon claims Kindred of the Jews, and writes to Onias the High-Priest, about an Alliance. The Lacedæmonians derive from Abraham. Hyrcanus builds a Glorious Castle by the Nam ... 


       CHAP. VI. Onias, otherwise Menelaus, is Excluded from the Pontificat. He betakes himself to Antiochus, and Apostatizes from his Religion. Antiochus makes a Furious Inroad into Ægypt; but the Romans f ... 


       CHAP. VII. Jerusalem Betray'd to Antiochus. The Temple Rifled, the City Levell'd, and the Worship of God forbidden upon pain of Death and Torments. A great many Jews turn Idolaters. The Samaritans Ded ... 


       CHAP. VIII. Mathias, and his Sons Kill the Messengers that would force them to a False Worship. His Dying Speech. 


       CHAP. IX. After the Death of Matthias, Judas Succeeds to the Command of the Army. 


       CHAP. X. Judas Maccabeus Defeats Apollonius, the Governour of Samaria, and kills him hand to hand. Seron, upon This, marches against Judas. He himself falls in the Action, and his Army is totally Rout ... 


       CHAP. XI. Judas Maccabeus Encounters Antiochus with a Mighty Army, and Defeats him. He cuts-off Five Thousand of Another Army under Lysias; Purifies the Temple, sets the Country Right, and so Returns 


       CHAP. XII. Simon, the Brother of Judas does Great things in Galilee. Judas and Jonathan get a Bloudy Victory over the Ammonites. All the Jews, with their Wives, Families and Effects, transported out o ... 


       CHAP. XIII. Antiochus Epiphanes Besiges Elimais, but fore'd to draw-off. He acknowledges the Righteous Judgment of God in it, and so he Dies.


       CHAP. XIV. Antiochus Epiphanes leaves the Government to his Son Antiochus Eupator. Lysias Proclaims him King. Judas lays Siege to the Cittadel at Jerusalem. Antiochus sets down before Bethusra. They 


       CHAP. XV. Antiochus Takes the Temple upon Terms, but breaks his Covenants. Onias put to Death at Beræa: Alcinous, or Jacimus, though not of the Sacerdotal Race, Promoted in his stead. Antiochus gives ... 


       CHAP. XVI. Demetrius Seizes Tripolis; takes the Government upon him; and puts Antiochus and Lysias to Death. Alcimus complains of Judas to Demetrius. Demetrius sends an Army to Detroy him, and settles ...


       CHAP. XVII. Demetrius grows Jealous of Judas. Alcimus advises him to send Nicanor with an Army against him. A Treacherous Practice to Surprize him. Judas Fights Nicanor; Kills him, and destroys his Arm ... 


       CHAP. XVIII. Bacchides makes an Inroad into Judea, with Twenty Thousand Foot, and Two Thousand Horse. Judas resolves to Encounter him with bare Eight Hundred Men. The Generous Bravery of Judas, and h ...


       CHAP. XIX. Judas Encounters Bacchides, and gets the Better of him at First; but Oppress'd Afterward by Numbers, and Slain, having behaved himself to his Immortal Honour. 


   BOOK THE THIRTEENTH. [From the Year of the World 3804, to 3898.] 


       CHAP. I. The spite of the Revolted Jews. Jonathan succeeds Judas. He and Simon withdraw into the Wilderness, and Bacchides follows them. John and his Company cut-off by the Sons of Amaræus. Bacchides 


       CHAP. II. An Alliance betwixt Jonathan and Bacchides. Bacchides leaves Judæa in Peace. Jonathan takes-up his Resolution at Machmas.


       CHAP. III. Ptolemais deliver'd-up to Alexander (call'd Ballez) out of an Aversion to Demetrius; who upon the News of This Seisure, draws his Troups together to give him Battle. 


       CHAP. IV. An Alliance betwixt Demetrius and Jonathan. The Articles of the Treaty. Jonathan puts Jerusalem into a State of Defence. The Macedonians remove to Antioch; but the Revolted Jews in Bethsura, ... 


       CHAP. V. Alexander Ballez Endeavours to make Jonathan his Friend; Creates him High-Priest and Successor to his Brother Judas; Presents, and Adopts him into his Family; Obliges the Jews. A Bloudy Battl ... 


       CHAP. VI. Onias proposes a Temple in Ægypt like That of Jerusalem. This Starts a Question betwixt the Jews and Samaritans, Which is the True Temple. Garizin, or Jerusalem. The Matter is referr'd to t ... 


       CHAP. VII. After the Death of Demetrius, Alexander Marries Cleopatra the King of Ægypt's Daughter, and does All things highly to the Honour of Jonathan.


       CHAP VIII. Demetrius Nicanor carries an Army into Cilicia. Alexander makes Apollonius his General. Jonathan the High-Priest gives him an Overthrow; takes Azotus, and sets Fire to the Temple of Dagon. 


       CHAP. XV. Tryphon pretends to set Antiochus upon his Father's Throne. Jonathan plyes the Siege of the Citadel, and sends an Enforcement to Demetrius upon the Defection of his Army. Demetrius Coopt-up i ...


       CHAP. X. Demetrius being gone, Tryphon aspires to the Crown, by removing Jonathan, and Antiochus. He works upon Jonathan's Credulity, and most villanously betrays him; makes him a Prisoner in Ptolemai ... 


       CHAP XI. Tryphon keeps Jonathan a Prisoner, and Simon supplies his Command. He turns the Inhabitants of Joppa out of the Town. Tryphon enters Judæa, and Offers to set Jonathan at Liberty for a Sum of ... 


       CHAP. XII. Tryphon Murders Antiochus, and is Chosen King. His Soldiers go over to Cleopatra; who Marries Antiochus Soter: and he makes War upon Tryphon, and overthrows him in a Set-Battle; Chaces him ... 


       CHAP. XIII. The Treachery of Antiochus against Simon, who still gets the better of him; Contracts a New Alliance with the Romans, and settles the Government in Peace. 


       CHAP. XIV. Ptolemy Treacherously Murders his Father-in-Law, Simon. He seizes his Wife and Two Children: John (call'd Hyrcanus) the Third, shifting away to Jerusalem; where he is Receiv'd and Protected ... 


       CHAP. XV. Hyrcanus succeeds to the Pontificat. Ptolomy besieg'd in the Castle of Dagon. The Mother and Brethren of Hyrcanus expos'd upon the Battlements; and threaten'd to be cast down, unless Hyrcanu ... 


       CHAP. XVI. Antiochus besieges Hyrcanus in the Fort at Jerusalem. He grants the Jews a Seven-Days Truce. Hyrcanus moves him in Favour of the Jews; who comes to Terms with him, and raises the Siege, Hyr ...


       CHAP. XVII. Hyrcanus makes himself Master of Idumæa, and brings over the People to the Jewish Laws and Discipline, and Contracts a New Allyance with the Romans, Demetrius is beaten-out of the Field, a ... 


       CHAP. XVIII. Hyrcanus besieges Samaria. A Miserable Famine there. Antiochus Cyzicenus presses to Relieve it. Aristobulus puts him to the Rout; and then back to Samaria to continue the Siege. Ptolomy s ... 


       CHAP XIX. Aristobulus the Eldest Son of Hyrcanus makes himself he Crown'd King. Antigonus the Second Brother, is his Favourite. He keeps the Other Three Brothers in Prison, and Starves his Mother. Ant ... 


       CHAP. XX. Salome the Widow of Aristobulus sets the Three Brothers at Liberty, and places Jannæus Alexander upon the Thone. Alexander puts one of his Brothers to Death, and provides for the Other. He B ... 


       CHAP. XXI. Ptolemy Lathur gives Alexander an Overthrow, and takes Ptolemais by Assault. Cleopatra joyns with the Jews against him, and makes Chelcias and Ananias her Gernerals Ptolemy is forc'd out of ... 


       CHAP. XXII. Demetrius Eucærus Marches against Alexander, and defeats him in a Battle. His Auxiliaries are all Slain to a Man. Six Thousand Jews repair to him in the Mountains. Demetrius retires, and t ...


       CHAP. XXIII. Antiochus Dionysius makes himself King of Damaseus. His Brother Philip, by the Help of Milesius, supplants him. The Ingratitude of Milesius, who afterward shuts the Gates upon Philip, and ... 


       CHAP. XXIV. The State of Judæa under Alexandra. She Consults the Pharisees about her Husband's Body and the Government. Alexander leaves Two Sons, Hyrcanus and Aristobulus, and the Regency to the Quee ...


   Flavius Josephus OF The Jewisch Antiquities. BOOK THE FOURTEENTH [From the Year of the World 2898, to 3929.] 


       CHAP. I. A Battle betwixt Hyrcanus, and Aristobulus, wherein the Former is Defeated. They come afterward to an Agreement: Aristobulus to Govern, and Hyrcanus to enjoy his Peace and Liberty in a Privat ... 


       CHAP. II. Antipater makes an Interest for Hyrcanus against Aristobulus, and sets the People against him. Hyrcanus applies himself to Aretas for Assistance and Protection. 


       CHAP. III. Aretas gives Aristobulus Battle; Forces him into Jerusalem, and Besieges him in the Temple. The Paschal Feast being at hand, the Jews withdraw into Ægypt. Onias ston'd to Death by the Rabbl ... 


       CHAP. IV. Pompey sends Scaurus for Syria; who, upon the taking of Damascus by Metellus, and Lollius, posts away toward Judæa. Hyrcanus, and Aristobulus, propose an Allyance with Scaurus, who closes wi ... 


       CHAP. V. Pompey goes to Damascus, and so to Coclo-Syria: Great Court made to him all the Way he goes. Aristobulus makes him a Magnificent Present. Gabinius and Scaurus charg'd with Corruption. Pompey ... 


       CHAP. VI. Pompey finding himself affronted, sends a Summons to him in Alexandria, to come down, and speak with him. Pompey demands the Possession of all the Fortresses in his Power, and Aristobulus de ... 


       CHAP. VII. Pompey Encamps at Jerico, and so Marches toward Jerusalem. Aristobulus offers him Mony, and the Possession of the Town. Pompey complies, and sends Gabinius to receive the Mony; but the Gate ... 


       CHAP. VIII. Jerusalem divided; part for Pompey, part for Aristobulus. Pompey proposes a Peace, and it is Rejected. The Situation of the Temple, and the taking of it by Assault. The Piety and Modesty o ... 


       CHAP. IX. Scaurus marches against Petra; and comes to a Composition with Aretas, to the High Satisfaction of both Parties.


       CHAP. X. Gabinius his Expedition against Alexander; whom he Routs and Besieges in Alexandrion. Gabinius offers an Amnesty, and orders the Repairing of what Cities had been damaged. Alexander Submits. ... 


       CHAP. XI. Aristobulus makes his Escape from Rome. Commissioners are sent after him. He is Routed by the Romans, and taken a second Time, a Prisoner. He defeats the Nabathæans: after which, he goes to ... 


       CHAP. XII. Crassus rifles the Temple, contrary to his Oath. Strabo, the Historian. Crassus and his Army out to pieces by the Parthians. He retreats into Syria. Taricheæ taken by Assault. Pytholaus tak ... 


       CHAP. XIII. Pompey and the Senate abandon Rome. Cæsar discharges Aristobulus. Pompey's Faction Paysons him. Alexander's Head cut-off by Pompey's Orders. Philippion Marries his sister Alexandra: after 


       CHAP. XIV. Pelusium taken by Mithridates: and Antipater, the First Man that enter'd the Breach. 


       CHAP. XV. Mithridates worsted; Antipater rescues him, and wins the Day. Hyrcanus and Antipater highly in Cæsar's Favour. Autigonus complains to Cæsar of Hyrcanus and Antipater, who hear Both Sides, an ... 


       CHAP. XVI. Cæsar gives Hyrcanus leave to rebuild Jerusalem. An Allyance betwixt the Senate of Rome and the Jews. A League betwixt Athens and the Jews. Antipater's Exhortation to the People. 


       CHAP. XVII. Phasael and Herod Governours of Jerusalem and Galilee. Herod's Character. Ezekiah a Famous Rover. Phasael's Character. Antipater's Reputation draws Envy upon him. Complaints of Antipater t ... 


       CHAP. XVIII. The Death of Cæsar was follow'd by a Civil War. Cassius enters into a Faction, and joyns with Herod in horrible Oppressions. People as well as Places exposed to Sale. Marcus in a Plot aga ... 


       CHAP. XIX. Marcus and Cassius give Herod the Command of the Lower-Syria. Malichus gets Antipater poison'd, but forswears it. A blondy Malice well dissembled. 


       CHAP. XX. Cassius and Herod joyn, to revenge Antipater's Murder. Malichus stabb'd, under a Colour of Friendship. 


       CHAP. XXI. Antigonus raises an Army. Herod's Tenderness for the Tyrians. He defeats Antigonus, and Marries Mariamne. 


       CHAP. XXII. Cassius routed by Anthony and Brutus. Complaints against Phasael and Herod. Hyrcanus presses Anthony for Satisfaction against Cassius. Several Edicts in Favour of the Jews. 


       CHAP. XXIII. Anthony's Encounter with Cleopatra. Heavy Complaints against Herod and Phasael. The Cause try'd and Council heard. 


       CHAP. XXIV. Antigonus deals with the Parthians to depose Hycanus; and to put Herod and his Brothers to Death. Pacorus and Barzapharnes joyn against Judæa. The Tyrians deny Pacorus Entrance. The Jews o ... 


       CHAP. XXV. Hyrcanus and Phasael taken-up by the Parthians. A Plot upon Herod, who accuses Pacorus. Alexandra absolutely governs him. He makes his Escape, and builds Herodium, in Honour of his Victory ...


       CHAP. XXVI. Herod in Great Favour with Augustus and Anthony; chosen King of Judæa; and conducted by Anthony and Cæsar to the Capitol. Antigonus presses hard upon Massada. Ventidius squeezes Mony out 


       CHAP. XXVII. Herod marches toward Antigonus. Silo and Ventidius assist Herod. Silo a Pensioner to Antigonus. Herod marches towards Joppa; reseues Silo; takes Joppa, and relieves Massada. He takes Resa ...


       CHAP. XXVIII. Sofius and Herod Generals at Jerusalem. The City and Temple Taken, with a Bloudy Execution. The Moderation of Herod. The Abject Submission of Antigonus. Herod brings him in Chains. A Mut ... 


   BOOK THE FIFTEENTH. [From the Year of the World 3929, to 3955.] 


       CHAP. I. Pollio and Sameas, Great with Herod. A notable Prediction of Pollio's. Herod presents Anthony. Five and Forty of Antigonus's Men put to Death, and himself Beheaded at Antioch. 


       CHAP. II. Phraates treats Hyrcanus with Great Respect. Upon Herod's Promotion, Hyrcanus would needs visit him; but his Friends oppos'd it. Herod invites Hyrcanus, and complements Phraates. Hyrcanus go ...


       CHAP. III. Herod is Jealous of Alexandra, and sets spies upon her. She writes to Cleopatra for Advice, What to do: Who invites Herod and her Son, into Ægypt; whither they are privately convey'd . Æso 


       CHAP. IV. Alexandra sends Cleopatra the Story of the Murder; who presses Anthony for Justice upon the Murderer. Anthony sends for Herod, and Joseph administers in his Absence; with Orders to put Maria ...


       CHAP. V. Cleopatra received with Great Honour by Herod at Apamia and Ptolemais. A Lustful, Shameless Woman. Herod is for putting her to death, but her Friends oppose it: So that he speaks her fair, a ...


       CHAP. VI. Augustus and Anthony Competitors for the Empire. Herod marches with an Army to joyn Anthony; who bids him fall upon the Arabians. A Bloudy Battle, and the Jews get the Better of it. The Arab ... 


       CHAP. VII. A Dreadful Earthquake in Judæa. The Jews sue for a Peace, and the Arabians put their Embassadors to Death.


       CHAP. VIII. Herod's Speech to the Army; with a State of the War, and of the Case. The Jews take Courage, and beat the Arbians out of the Field. The Arabians in a miserable Distress for want of Water: ... 


       CHAP. IX. Herod puff'd up with a Cheap Victory. Anthony defeated at Actium. Herod is for taking Hyrcanus out of the way: A Soft, Easy Prince. Alexandra, an aspiring, turbulent Woman writes to Malichus ... 


       CHAP. X. A Generous Speech of Herod's to Cæsar; which is Extremely well Receiv'd, and he himself resettled in his Government. Herod intercedes for Alexander; but Augustus had bound himself up by a Vo ... 


       CHAP. XI. Herod's Family in a Wretched Disorder; his Wife and Mother Prisoners. His Order to Joseph about destroying Mariamne, ran in her Head. Sohemus, the Women's Keeper, reveals the Plot to Mariamn ... 


       CHAP. XII. Judæa visited with Dreadful Calamities: as, a Blasting Drought, Famine, Plague, and other Diseases. Herod's Wisdom in providing for the People. He erects a Glorious Palace. Jesus depos'd fr ... 


       CHAP. XIII. Straton's Tower, (Or, Cæsarea,) A Port as large as the Pyræeum, betwixt Joppa and Dora; with the Model of a Mole built there by Herod. A Temple dedicated to Cæsar. A Stone-Theatre, and a 


       CHAP. XIV. Herod proposes the Building of a Temple: The Old One not to be touch'd till the New One is provided for. Herod prepares the Materials, and enters upon the Work. The Front of the Temple; the ... 


   Flavius Josephus OF The Jewish Antiquities. BOOK THE SIXTEENTH. [From the Year of the World 3955, to 3961.] 


       CHAP. I. A Law against House-Breakers. The People murmur at it. Herod takes Journey to Rome. Cæsar entertains him very graciously; and restores him his Two Sons. Herod takes them back with him to Jeru ... 


       CHAP. II. Herod marries Aristobulus to Berenice, and Alexander to Glaphyra. Agrippa given Herod a visit. 


       CHAP. III. Herod takes Shipping for Lesbos; but is forced by contrary Winds upon Chios. He finds out Agrippa at Sinope, a City of Pontus. The Greeting of the Two Princes; who pass together to Samos. T ... 


       CHAP. IV. The Jews in Ionia complain of the Natives. Agrippa gives them a Hearing, and assigns them Counsel: Nicholaus being entertain'd for the Jews. The Grievances complain'd of. Several Decrees of ... 


       CHAP. IV. The Jews in Ionia complain of the Natives. Agrippa gives them a Hearing, and assigns them Counsel: Nicholaus being entertain'd for the Jews. The Grievances complain'd of. Several Decrees of ... 


       CHAP. V. Herod Embarques for Cæsarea. He calls an Assembly at Jerusalem, and tells the People what hath been done for them in Asia.


       CHAP. VI. Salome's Plot upon the Two Princes. Two Factions countermining one another. Artificial Calumnies. Salome and Pheroras irritate Herod against his Own Son. Herod treats Antipater as his next S ... 


       CHAP. VII. Herod appeals to Cæsar in the Case of his Son. The Tender and Generous Behaviour of the Brothers. 


       CHAP. VIII. Alexander's Address and Defence. The Two Brothers clear'd. Herod presents Augustus; and Augustus presents Herod in Return. Herod goes back with his Sons to Judæa, and meets Archalæus at El ...


       CHAP. IX. Cæsarea finished. The Solemnity of the Dedication. The Certamen Quinquennale. Herod builds Capharsaba, Cypron, Phasael, &c; Rebuilds the Temple of the Pythian Apollo, and settles an Annuity 


       CHAP. X. The Greeks Petition Cæsar against the Jews. Cæsar confirms them in their Privileges. Several Decrees highly in their Favour. 


       CHAP. XI. Herod rifles divers Sepulchres; of Plate, &c. Two of his Guards consumed by Fire in the Sacrilegious Attempt. Upon This Judgment, Herod walls up the Passage. He and his Family are punished f ... 


       CHAP. XII. Archelaus moves Herod to be Friends with Alexander, who palliates the matter with an Artificial Mediation. Pheroras asks Herod Pardon, and all is well. Archelaus in Great Esteem with Herod. ... 


       CHAP. XIII. In Herod's Absence, the Trachonites Revolt. The Kings Troups give them an Overthrow. Syllæus Receives and Protects them. Herod breaks into Trachon, and addresses to Saturninus and Volumniu ...


       CHAP. XIV. Syllæus breaks his Word. Herod gets leave to right himself by Force. He takes Repta by Assault. The Arabians defeated, and their General slain. Herod marches with Three Thousand Idumæans, t ...


       CHAP. XV. Syllæus receives False Intelligence at Rome, and presents Cæsar with the Contents of his Pacquet. Cæsar writes a Sharp Letter to Herod. The Insolence of the Arabians. cæsar denies Audience t ... 


       CHAP. XVI. Deadly Fewds in Herod's Family. Eurycles makes an Acquaintance with Herod. Alexander makes Eurycles his Confident. Eurycles carries Stories to Antipater and Herod. Herod presents him with F ...


       CHAP. XVII. Herod outrageous in his Prosperity. He Summons a Convention to Berytus. Herod charges his Son with Rage and Bitterness. The Power of Parents. Resolved, that Herod may dispose of his Childr ... 


   BOOK THE SEVENTEENTH. [From the Year of the World 3961, to 3973.] 


       CHAP. I. The Death of the Sons leads to the Murder of the Father. Antipater universally Hated. Herod had the Name, but Antipater the Power. Antipater sticks at nothing. He pretends to Salome, and she


       CHAP. II. Zamaris, a Jew, plants in Syria. Herod invites him to Bathanæa. Herod secures the Jews in their Profession and Liberties. Philip Levys some small Taxes. Zamaris dies. Jacymus dies; and leave ... 


       CHAP. III. The Government lodg'd in Antipater. Pheroras Hates, but Flatters the Women; who are all of a Piece. The Conspirators Cautious. Salome discovers all. The Women take part with the Pharisees; 


       CHAP. IV. Antipater Uneasy. He gets himself sent for to Rome. Herod sends him with Presents, and his Last Will and Testament. Syllæus charg'd with Treason, and to be try'd at Rome. 


       CHAP. V. Pheroras sent to his Government; who Swears never to Return, during Herod's Life. Herod falls sick, and sends for Pheroras: who Excuses himself upon his Oath. Pheroras falls sick and dyes.


       CHAP. VI. An Enquiry about the Death of Pheroras. A Poyson brought him by a Confident of Syllæus's Mistress. The Sister and Mother of Pheroras's Wife fetch it. Several Women tortur'd about it. The Mot ... 


       CHAP. VII. Herod's Letters to Antipater. The News of Pheroras's Death. Antipater goes to Sebaste; where he is Received with Curses instead of Acclamations. Quintilius Varus in Council with Herod at Je ... 


       CHAP. VIII. Herod falls Sick, and makes his Will. A Sedition, and the Occasion of it. Judas and Matthias, Two Eminent Jews. Herod given over. Judas and Matthias against the Golden Eagle. News that Her ... 


       CHAP. IX. Acme put to Death. Antipater left to Herod's Discretion. Ahiab prevents Herod's killing himself. Antipater gives the King for Dead; and treats with the Keeper about his Escape. The Keeper th ... 


       CHAP. X. Herod alters his Will and declares Archelaus his Successor. Herod's Character. His Death kept Secret. The Noblemen discharg'd in the Circus. The King's Death publish'd. Archelaus sets up. Her ... 


       CHAP. XI. A Design to Embroil the Government. Satisfaction demanded of Archelaus for Herod's Misdemeanours. A Dangerous Tumult. A Party of Factious Jews crowd into the Temple. Archelaus sends a Party ... 


       CHAP. XII. Maltace, the Mother of Archelaus dies. A Sedition in Jerusalem. Varus makes Examples of the Ringleaders. Sabinus has the Command in Varus's Absence. The Jews threaten Sabinus. They draw int ... 


       CHAP. XIII. Cæsar's Generosity in Favour of Herod. The Portion of the Sons of Herod. 


       CHAP. XIV. A Counterfeit-Alexander. The Menage of the Imposture. The Cheat passes among the Jews for Current. He takes up Mony upon his Royal Credit. He goes to Rome with a Princely Train. The Jews st ... 


       CHAP. XV. The History of Archelaus in his Ethnarchy. Archelaus banish'd, and his Goods Confiscate. A Foreboding Dream of Archelaus's. Simon, an Essene, expounds it. Glaphyra's Dream of her First Husba ... 


   BOOK THE EIGHTEENTH. [From the Year of the World 3973, to 4003.]


       CHAP. I. Cyrenius made Governour of Syria: and Coponius Governour of Judæa, sent along with him, Cyrenius levies a Tax: The Jews murmur at it; but Joazar keeps them Quiet. Judas, a Gaulanite of Gamala ... 


       CHAP. II. The Pharisees Practices and Opinions. Men of Great Reputation with the People. The way of the Sadducees. The Essenes; their Doctrine, Course of Life, and Government. A Fourth-Sect for Absolu ... 


       CHAP. III. Cyrenius sells Archelaus's Estate. A Tumult against Joazar. Cyrenius deposes him and advances Ananus. Herod and Philip settled in their Tetrarchy. Herod fortisies Sephoris and Betaramphtha: ... 


       CHAP. IV. Standards set up in Jerusalem with Cæsar's Image upon them. The Jews petition against them. Pilate opposes it, and lays an Ambush for them; commanding them upon Pain of Death, to depart. The ... 


       CHAP. V. Profligate Jews set up for Doctors. The Women follow them. They gather Mony for the Temple, and then keep it to Themselves. Saturninus complains of it to Tiberius. The Jews are all Banish'd u ...


       CHAP. VI. The Jews very Civil to Vitellius; who eases them of several Duties, and puts the Priests in Possession of the Pontifical Robes as before. Hyrcanus builds a Castle, and lays them up there, an ... 


       CHAP. VII. A War betwixt Herod and Aretas. Herod Marries the Daughter of Aretas; and falls in Love with Herodias; proposing to marry her, and to part with the other. His Wife discovers it. Aretas rese ... 


       CHAP. VIII. The Rise of Agrippa. His vast Profusions. He retires to Malatha. Cypros writes for him to Herodias. Herodias gets him a Pension. Agrippa goes to Flaccus. Aristobulus undermines Agrippa. A ... 


       CHAP. IX. The Envy of Herodias. She presses her Husband to beg something for Himself. The more Herod opposes it, the more his Wife urges it. Herod yields at last. Agrippa sets Fortunatus for a Spy upo ... 


       CHAP. X. A Controversy betwixt the Jews and Greeks at Alexandria. They send Six Embassadors to Caius about it; three of a Side. Appion and Philo the Chief. Appion accuses the Jews, for refusing to pay ... 


       CHAP. XI. Caius thinks himself affronted. Patronius order'd to set up his Statue. The Jews beg of Petronius, not to press them in it. They expostulate with Petronius; and draw into a Body. In the mean ... 


       CHAP. XII. The Jews of Mesopotamia, and Babylon, a Miserable People. Nearda and Nisibis, Two Strong Places upon the Euphrates, where the Jews deposited their Holy Treasure. Asinæus and Anilæus, Two Br ... 


   Flavius Josephus OF The Jewish Antiquities. BOOK THE NINETEENTH. [From the Year of the World 4003, to 4009.] 


       CHAP. I. The Outrages of Caius upon the Jews. Caius challenges Adoration as a God: calls himself Jupiter's Brother; rifles all Temples to adorn his Palace; orders Regulus to send the Olympian Jupiter' ... 


       CHAP. II. The Senators and Solders divided about the Form of Government. The Soldiers for Monarchy; and Claudius the Man. They set him Up, and declare him Emperour. The News carried to Saturninus, in ...


       CHAP. III. Claudius sticks to his Pretension. Agrippa gives it out that Caius is not Dead. Claudius upon the Point of giving up all to the Senate. Agrippa keeps up his Heart; takes his Place in the Se ... 


       CHAP. IV. Claudius kind to Agrippa. A Sedition betwixt the Jews and the Greeks. Claudius's Edict in Favour of the Alexandrian Jews. An Edict in Favour of All the Jews. 


       CHAP. V. Agrippa sent away to his Government. He dedicates his Golden Chain to God. Theophilus deposed from the High Priestood, and Simon preferr'd. Sylas, General of the Army. A Statue dedicated to C ... 


       CHAP. VI. Petronius rebukes the Ossenders. Simon removed, with an Intent to restore Jonathan; who declines it, and Recommends his Brother Matthis. Petronius dismissed, and Marcus succeeds him. Publius ...


       CHAP. VII. Sylas sets up for a Share in the Government. His Vanity and Sauciness. Agrippa claps him Up; but sends for him to Court again a while after. Sylas Reproaches him for it, and is remanded to ... 


   Flavius Josephus OF The Jewish Antiquities. BOOK THE TWENTIETH. [From the Year of the World 4009, to 4030.] 


       CHAP. I. Claudius gives Marsus's Commission to Cassius Longinus. A Quarrel betwixt the Jews and the Philadelphians. Three of the Ringleaders punished. Ptolomæus put to Death. Cæsar orders the Holy Rob ...


       CHAP. II. Hellen the Queen of Adiabena, and Izates, turn Jews. Monobasus Marries his Sister Hellen. A Voice heard as they were in Bed together. He has Two Sons by Hellen; Monobasus and Izates. The Lat ... 


       CHAP. III. Tiberius Alexander succeeds Cuspius Fadus. A Great Famine in Judæa. James and Simon Crucify'd. Cyzenius Taxes Galilee. Joseph remov'd from the Pontificat, and Ananias set up. Cumanus succee ... 


       CHAP. IV. The Feast of the Passover brings up vast Multitudes to Jerusalem: so that Cumanus set a Guard upon the Temple to prevent Tumults. A Brutal Affront of a Soldier upon the Temple; imputed to Cu ... 


       CHAP. V. A Quarrel betwixt the Jews and the Samaritans. Several Galileans slain; and the Jews animated to take up Arms. They abuse Eleazar for their Leader. The Mutineers are Routed; and the Multitude ... 


       CHAP. VI. Judæa insested with Robbers, and Impostors. Felix breaks his Word and seizes Eleazar. Dora of Jerusalem in Great Credit with Jonathan. Nero agrees with Dora, to have him made away. Jonathan 


       CHAP. VII. The Cæsarean Jews complain to Cæsar of Felix. His Brother Pallas obtains his Pardon. Beryllus gets a Mandat for Disfranchising the Jews. Judæa over-run with Vagabonds. An Impostor inveigles ... 


       CHAP. VIII. Festus dies and Albinus succeeds him. Agrippa discharges Joseph, and puts Ananus in his Place. A Fierce bloudy Sadducee. Ananus calls a Council, and cites James the Brother of Jesus, to ap ... 


       CHAP. IX. Gessius Florus succeeds Albinus, the Husband of Cleopatra. Florus worse then Albinus. The Character of Florus. The Beginning of the War. The History of the Jews, from the Creation of the Wor ... 


       The Preface.




       CHAP. I. Antiochus and Ptolemey Competitors. Antiochus Enters Judæa. and Takes Jerusalem: A Cruel Persecutor of the Jews, and Bacchides as Bad. Matthias Kills Bacchides. Judas gets the Temple, and Res ... 


       CHAP. II. Jonathan Betray'd and put to Death by Tryphon. Simon Recovers Judæa, and is Murder'd by the Treachery of Ptolemey. A Plot upon John, Alias Hyrcanus, but Disappointed. The Barbarous Cruelty o ... 


       CHAP. III. The Death and Character of Hyrcanus King of the Jews, and his Eldest Son Aristobulus succeeds him. A Plot upon Antigonus, and the Queen Menages it. Aristobulus starves his Mother, and puts ... 


       CHAP. IV. Antiochus surpriz'd by Aretas. A Bloudy Battle, and Antiochus Routed, and Slain. Aretas Joyns with Damascus. Alexander's Wars, Exploits, Sickness and Death. He leaves the Regency to his Wife ... 


       CHAP. V. Hyrcanus, by the Advice of Antipater, makes a Friend of Aretas the King of Parthia, against Aristobulus. Aretas Enters Judæa with 50000 Men: forces Aristobulus into Jerusalem; and Besieges hi ... 


       CHAP. VI. Aretas and Scaurus Reconciled. Alexander Arms against Hyrcanus. Scaurus Compounds for a Sum of Money. Alexander worsted by Antipater; Withdraws to Alexandrion; and Gabinius Pursues him. An I ...


       CHAP. VII. Aristobulus set at Liberty by Cæsar, and Poyson'd afterward by the Pompeians; and his Body sent to Judæa. Alexander Beheaded at Antioche. Philippion Marries Alexandra. Antipater Assists Mit ... 


       CHAP. VIII. Antigonus Charges the Death of Aristobulus upon the Pompeians. Hyrcanus and Antipater wrongfully Accused. Cæsar makes Hyrcanus High-Priest. Antipater Governour of Judæa, and Orders the Reb ... 


       CHAP. IX. The Murder of Julius Cæsar in the Capitol; and the Horrible Factions and Confusions that Follow'd it. Cassius, a Great Oppressor; and Herod Insinuates himself into his Friendship. The Base I ... 


       CHAP. X. Felix makes War upon Phasael and Herod. Herod falls sick at Damascus. Felix Routed by Phasael. The Ingratitude of Hyrcanus. Marion the King of the Tyrians driven out of Gallilee. Marion and An ... 


       CHAP. XI. Lysanias Treats with Barzapharnes, to Depose Hyrcanus, and set-up Antigonous. The Carmelite Jews Joyn Antigonous; Rout and pursue the Enemy to Jerusalem. Hyrcanus and Phasael force them into ... 


       CHAP. XII. Antigonus Besieges Massada; and Joseph, Herod's Brother, Defends it. Ventidius and Silo Join with Herod against Antigonus. Herod Takes Joppe, and Relieves Massada; and so Advances to Jerusa ... 


       CHAP. XIII. Joseph Commands in Herod's Absence. Joseph, Herod's Brother, Kill'd in a Skirmish. Antigonus Insults upon the Body, and cuts-off his Head. Strange Changes upon his Successes. Sofius made G ... 


       CHAP. XIV. The Craft and Treachery of Cleopatra. Herod would have Assisted Anthony against Augustus, and she binder'd him. Herod Gains one Battle, and loses another. A Prodigious Earth-quake in Judæa. ... 


       CHAP. XV. Herod's Generous Address to Augustus at Rhodes, upon the Defeat of Anthony at Actium Cæsar's Goodness and Humanity to Herod in Return. Herod's Magnificent Entertainment of Cæsar in Syria. He ...


       CHAP. XVI. Several Famous Works of Herod's, both at Home and Abroad. The Temple Repayr'd. The Castle of Antonia alluding to Anthony. Cæsarion and Agrippion, to Cæsar and Agrippa. Herod's Glorious Dedi ... 


       CHAP. XVII. The Disorders of Herod's Family. He puts away his Wife Doris, and takes Mariamne; who had Five Children by him. Antipater Expell'd. Hyrcanus put to Death. Aristobulus drown'd, by Herod's O ... 


       CHAP. XVIII. Antipater in a Plot against his Father. The Children of Alexander and Aristobulus. Herod's Plausible Pretence of Piety and Good Nature. He Calls a Council, and propounds Convenient Allyan ... 


       CHAP. XIX. Herod Banishes Pheroras the Court, for refusing to turn away his Wife; who vows never to Return while Herod lives. Herod falls sick, and sends for him, but he refuses to come. Herod Recover ... 


       CHAP. XX. Bathyllus a Stabbing Witness against Antipater: A Counterseiter of Letters, and a Notorious Hypocrite. Pheroras's Death statles him. He goes his Way to Sebaste, where, to his Wonder, no Body ... 


       CHAP. XXI. Herod's Misery, both in Body and Mind. A Tumult about Herod's Golden Eagle; Judas and Matthias the Heads of it. Upon a Report of Herod's being given over, the Rabble cuts the Eagle to Piece ... 




       CHAP. I. The Ceremony of Mourning and Feasting. The New King's Gracious Declaration to his People. The Multitude Clamorous upon the Subject of Grievance. An Uproar little short of a Rebellion. The Gua ...


       CHAP. II. The Death of Malthace the Mother of Archelaus. The Jews in an Uproar. Sabinus Enflames the Quarrel. The Feast of Pentecost. The People come flocking up to it from all Quarters. The Manner o 


       CHAP. III. Varus Joyns with the Romans against the Jews. Sephoris burnt to the Ground. Sapphe Taken and Pillag'd. Emmaus laid in Ashes. Upon the Approach of Varus, the Jews quit the Siege in a Confusi ...


       CHAP. IV. The Jews Petition Cæsar for a Free Exercise of their Religion: Cæsar Calls a Council of Noble Men and Friends, to Advise upon't. The Jews and their Deputies on the One hand, Archælaus and hi ...


       CHAP. V. A Counterseit Alexander. The Manner of the Contrivance. The Method and Menage of the Cheat. The Impostor Detected, and Condemn'd to the Galleys. The First Projector put to death. 


       CHAP. VI. Archælaus Banish'd for his Oppression, and his Goods seiz'd. A Foreboding Dream. The Dream Expounded and made Good. Another Dream, of the Princess Glaphyra's. Glaphyra's Vision of her First ...


       CHAP. VII. Three sorts of Jews: Pharisees, Sadducees, and Essenes. Of the Essenes; their Temperance, and Opinion of Marriage; their Goods in Common; their Apparel, Charity, and Way of Living: their Sc ... 


       CHAP. VIII. Augustus Dies, and Tiberius Succeeds him. Pilate made Governour of Judæa. A Tumult upon conveying Cæsar's Ensigns into Jerusalem. Pilate summons the Jews under Colour of a Hearing. The Gen ... 


       CHAP. IX. Caius Cæsar sets up for a God. His Barbarous Cruelties. Petronius Orders Cæsar's Statues to be set up in the Temple. Death without Mercy to all Opposers. Petronius Marches with an Army fro 


       CHAP. X. The Army Declares Claudius the Successor of Caius; and the Consuls meet about it. Agrippa in favour both with Claudius and the Senate. He sides with Claudius, and is sent upon an Embassy to t ... 


       CHAP. XI. Herod of Chaleis Dies, and Agrippa Succeeds him. Cumanus Succeeds Tiberius Alexander. A Beastly Affront upon the Jews; and a Horrible Uproar upon't. Another Tumult Occasion'd by a Robbery. A ... 


       CHAP. XII. Nero's Grants and Commissions. Felix Defeats the Robbers, and takes their Captain Prisoner. A New sort of Cut-Throats call'd Sicarii. Jonathan the High-Priest, the first that fell by their ... 


       CHAP. XIII. Albinus succeeds Festus. A Corrupt and a Tyrannical Governour. Albinus a Lewd Man, but nothing to Gessius Florus that came after him. Albinus and Florus Compar'd. Cestius Gallus Governour ... 


       CHAP. XIV. Cæsarea was the Occasion of the Jewish War. The Jews Affronted in their Synagogue. The Bribery and Perfidy of Florus. A Mock Sacrifice. A Violent Commotion Jucundus Endeavours to Compose it ... 


       CHAP. XV. Berenice goes to Jerusalem to pay a Vow. The Manner of Performing that Duty. She Moves Florus in favour of the Jews. The People in a Rage against him. They come to themselves again; and Flo ...


       CHAP. XVI. Florus Complains of the Jews to Cestius as Cæsar's Enemies. Cæsar is better Enform'd, and Advises upon it. Politianus Pitch'd upon to Manage the Enquiry. He Consults Agrippa; and they are b ... 


       CHAP. XVII. Massada Surpriz'd, and the Garrison put to the Sword. The Jews Reject the Romans Customary Sacrifices. Eleazar the Head of the Faction: and This Refusal the Ground of the War. Men of the B ... 


       CHAP. XVIII. The Death of Ananias and Hezekiah. Manahem, a Mean Scandalous Wretch, sets up for a Prince. He is Assaulted in the Temple. The Seizure and Death of Manahem. The Two Parties but Two Factio ...


       CHAP. XIX. Twenty Thousand Jews Massacr'd at Cæsarea, in One Day. Florus sends others in Chains to the Galleys. A Miserable Ravage made in Syria and thereabouts. The Deplorable State of Syria. Jews ag ... 


       CHAP. XX. Several other Massacres of the Jews. Agrippa takes a Journy to Antioch, and leaves Varus his Deputy. Batanæa sends Seventy Deputies to Sollicit for a Garrison. Varus cuts them all off upon t ... 


       CHAP. XXI. The Jews much in favour formerly with Alexander the Great; and no lose afterwards with the Cæsars. A Desperate Tumult in Alexandria betwixt the Jews and the Greeks: and they had laid All in ...


       CHAP. XXII. The Vast Power of the Romans. The Country comes in to Cestius, upon his March to Ptolemais: Agrippa Joins him. Zabulon Deserted, Plunder'd and Burnt. Cestius Returns to Ptolemais. Two Thou ...


       CHAP. XXIII. Cæsennius Gallus Commands in Gallilee under Cestius. Sephoris and that Neighbourhood side with the Romans. The Romans too hard for the Free-booters upon Even Terms. Gallus moves from Gall ...


       CHAP XXIV Agrippa Propounds an Allyance with the Romans, and sends Borcæus and Phæbus to Menage the Treaty. The People Rise upon it; Kill Phæbus, and Borcæus gets-off wounded. Cestius falls upon Them, ... 


       CHAP. XXV. The Jews quit Jerusalem, Cestius sends Nero Word of the Miscarriage, and lays the blame upon Florus. A Conspiracy at Damascus against the Jews. Ten Thousand of their Throats cut in One Hour ...


       CHAP. XXVI. John of Giscala, an Extravagant Impostor. His Character. He makes Joseph his Friend; and then Abuses his Kindness. He Tampers the Rabble against Joseph. The Honour and Justice of Joseph. A ... 


       CHAP. XXVII. Tiberias Revolts: and is Recover'd by a Notable Stratagem: Joseph, with only Seven Unarm'd Men, does the Work. The Tiberians Render themselves and submit. Tiberias sends Hostages for the ... 


       CHAP. XXVIII. Gallilee at Peace, and Jerusalem Preparing for a War. The Horrible Ravages and Cruelties of Simon the Son of Gioras. 




       CHAP. I. Nero's Vanity and Ostentation. The Distracted State of the Roman Affairs. Nero gives Vespasian the Government of Syria. Vespasian's Fitness for such a Trust. Vespasian and Titus Advance a Mig ... 


       CHAP. II. The Two Gallilees, with a Description of them. A Description of Samaria. Jerusalem stands in the Middle of Judæa. A Division or Distribution of Judæa. 


       CHAP. III. Vespasian sends Placidus with Relief to the Sepphorites. Gallilee at the Mercy of Fire and Sword. Titus comes up to Vespasian at Ptolemais with a Vast Army. The Order and Policy of the Roma ... 


       CHAP. IV. Placidus breaks into Gallilee. He Assaults Jotapata, and is Beaten off. 


       CHAP V. Vespasian Marches from Ptolemais into Gallilee. The Order of his March. Upon Vespasian's Advance, Joseph's People Desert. Joseph gives over the War, and withdraws to Tiberias. 


       CHAP. VI. Vespasian Takes Gadara by Assault. The Romans put All to the Sword. Joseph puts it to the Council of Jerusalem, whether to Fight, or Treat. 


       CHAP. VII. Joseph slips away out of Tiberias into Jotapata. A Deserter gives Vespatian Notice of it, and that Joseph was in a Trap. The Siege of Jotapata. A Desperate Fight all Day till Night parts Th ... 


       CHAP. VIII. Joseph Attempts, by Starving, what he could not get by Force. No Provisions wanting in Jotapata but Water. The Garrison Stinted. The Pit-Water near spent. An Invention to Conceal their Wan ... 


       CHAP. IX. A Description of the Battering Engine the Ramm. The Manner of Ordering it. A Contrivance to Defeat the Froce of it. The Jews have Recourse to Fire. A Brave Action of One Samæas. Two Glorious ... 


       CHAP. X. Vespasian makes Ready to Renew the Assault. Joseph Prepares for the Encounter, and gives his People their Lesson. A Horrid Confusion of Outcries upon the Approach of the Army. Joseph's Men ke ... 


       CHAP. XI. Trajan sent to Reduce Japha, The People meet him on the way to give him Battle. The Jews put to Fight, and driven into the First Enclosure. The Misery of the those that were Coopt up there. ... 


       CHAP. XII. The Samaritans upon Mount Garizim Meditating a Rebellion. Vespasian sends Cerealis to take care of it. The Samaritans in a Formidable Body. A Mortal Drought for want of Water. An Indemnity ... 


       CHAP. XIII. The Romans Works are now Finish'd. A Deserter gives Vespasian Intelligence of the State of the Town: with Advice to fall on about Break of Day. Vespasian Considers of it, takes his time, a ... 


       CHAP. XIV. A Strict Search for Joseph, Dead or Alive. He, and Forty more found Conceal'd in a Vault. Joseph betray'd by a Woman. The General Officers him Quarter. He pauses upon it. Nicanor prevails w ... 


       CHAP. XV. Joppe a Den of Thieves and Mutineers. Vespasian Takes the Town by surprize. The Inhabitants put themselves aboard their Shipping. The Description of Joppe. A Furious Storm. Joppe Taken the S ... 


       CHAP. XVI. Agrippa Treats Vespasian and his Army Twenty Days at Cæsarea Philippi. News of Tiberias, and Tarichee, that the One is Wavering, and the Other Revolted. Vespasian Orders some Troups to Scyt ... 


       CHAP. XVII. Vespasian Encamps betwixt Tiberias and Tarichee. Tarichee a Nursery of Seditious People. The Strength and Situation of the Place. The Faction breaks in upon the Roman Pioneers. The Romans ... 


       CHAP. XVIII. The Quality and Description of the Lake of Genezareth. The River Jordan; with the Head and Course of it. Genezareth Famous for Fruits and Plants. The Fountain of Capernaum. 


       CHAP. XIX. Vespasian Encounters the Enemy upon the Lake. The Miserable State of the Jews. Vespasian Calls a Great Council, where Sentence is past upon the Prisoners. 




       CHAP. I. The Siege of Gamala, and the Manner of it; with the Situation and Strength of the City. Vespasian Advances up to the Place. The Romans take Gamala by Assault, and are Beaten out of it again w ... 


       CHAP II. A Factions in a Body upon Mount Itabyr. Vespasian sends Placidus with a Party to Reduce them, who Destroys them all, by Encountering One Wile with Another. 


       CHAP. III. The Destruction of Gamala. The Fall of a Tower puts the People into a Panick Terrour. Titus Enters the Town without any Opposition. A Dreadful Execution. 


       CHAP. IV. Gischala Taken by Titus. The People well Disposed, but Seduced. Jerusalem a Strong and a Populous City. Vespasian Provides against all Hazzards. The Generous Tenderness of Titus. Titus offer ... 


       CHAP. V. John of Gischala gets safe to Jerusalem, with a False Story. The Jews Divided; and a Miserable Nation. John the Great Incendiary. The Rise and Progress of the Quarrel. The Outrages of the Rob ... 


       CHAP. VI. The Zelotes write to the Idumæans for Assistance, which is Granted them in a Supply of Near 20000 Men. Jesus Discourses the Matter with Them. Simon, the Son of Cathlas to the High-Priest. Th ... 


       CHAP. VII. The Idumæans Encamp under the City Walls. A Furious Tempest; and the Idumæans shelter themselves under their Bucklers against it. several Fore-bodings upon it. The Zelotes Advise in Counce ... 




       CHAP. I. The Cruelty of the Idumæans and the Zelotes. 12000 Eminent Men put to Death. Zachariah charged with Treason before a Mock-Court of Justice. The Court Acquits him; and the People Murder him in ... 


       CHAP. II. The Jews Miserably Confounded. The Officers press Vespasian to Rigour, but Vespasian is for Moderation. The Zelotes go over daily to the Romans. Horrid Persecution and Oppression. The Destru ... 


       CHAP. III. John sets-up for Sovereign Power. A Sharp Wit and a Good Speaker. There are Zelotes and Antizelotes; and John sides with the Latter. Three Heavy Judgments upon the Jews, and a Worse yet behi ... 


       CHAP. IV. Gaul Revolts. Vespasian's Marches and Motions: He comes to Jericho. A Description of the Place. The Lakes of Asphaltitis and Tiberias. Elisha's Fountain. 


       CHAP. V. Nothing sinks in the Lake of Asphaltitis. Vespasian tries the Experiment, and finds it so. Several Wonderful Qualities in This Lake. It borders upon Sodom. A Fair Fruit there to the Eye, but ... 


       CHAP. VI. Vespasian Invests Jerusalem. Gerasa taken by Assault and Burnt. The News of Nero's Death. The End of Nero, Galba, Otho, and Vitellius. Vespasian suspends his Design upon Jerusalem. All Thing


       CHAP. VII. A New War in Jerusalem. Simon Encounters Ananus. He is Worsted, and flies to Massada. Simon begins with Idumæa upon the Death of Ananus. An Obstinate Fight betwixt him and the Zelotes. Elea ... 


       CHAP. VIII. The Roman Empire fallen to pieces within it self. Two Battles betwixt Otho and Vitellius: Otho gets the Better of it the First Day, and Vitellius the Next. Galba Stabs himself. Vespasian P ... 


       CHAP. IX. Simon a Worse Enemy within the Town then the Romans without: and the Zelotes Worst of all. The Horrid Brutalities of the Zelotes. The Idumæans Revolt and Scatter the Zelotes: Pursuing them t ... 


       CHAP. X. A Civil War in Rome; and Vitellius in the Head of a Vast Army there. The News of Vitellius being chosen Emperor goes to the Heart of Vespasian. An Invective against Vitellius and his Party, t ... 


       CHAP. XI. Mucianus presses Vespasian to March against Vitellius; but Vespasian is rather for Alexandria. Of Ægypt and the Situation of it. Alexandria a Dangerous Port. The Tower of Pharos. Tiberius A ... 


       CHAP. XII. Vespasian's Advancement pleases All People. He Ascribes All his Success to Providence. Several Presages of his Future Greatness. Joseph Treated Vespasian in the Style of Emperour, even whil ... 


       CHAP. XIII. Vespasian takes Antioch in his Way to Rome; and sends Mucianus with a Great Army into Italy. Cæcinna draws Vitellius's Men over to Vespasian: and the Soldiers seize him as a Traytor. A Fig ... 


       CHAP. XIV. Vespasian at Alexandria, and Courted with Addresses from All Quarters. He sends away his Son Titus towards Jerusalem. Titus's March. 




       CHAP. I. Three Factions in Jerusalem. Eleazar began the Breach, by setting-up the Zelotes against the People. John of Gischala puts in for himself. A Fight betwixt John and Eleazar. An Encounter betwi ... 


       CHAP II. Titus Marches into an Enemy's Country; and takes a View of Jerusalem. The Jews make a Desperate Sally. Titus Preserved by Providence. His Bravery and Conduct. 


       CHAP. III. Domestique Factions are United by a Forreign War. The Roman Soldiers being Surpriz'd without their Arms, are Beaten from their Camp. A Skirmish betwixt the Jews and the Romans. Titus Missin ...


       CHAP. IV. The Paschal-Feast at Hand. A Cursed Design under the Cover of Religion. The Three Factions Contracted into Two. Titus moves towards Jerusalem, and Orders the Levelling of the Passes. 


       CHAP. V. The Jews lay their Heads together to put a Cheat upon the Romans. Titus has no Faith in the Pretence. The Jews out-wit the Romans. Titus Threatens his Men with Martial Law; but upon the Offic ... 


       CHAP. VI. The Description of Jerusalem. Three Walls. The Old Wall Impregnable. Three Famous Towers. A Dismal Conflagration. The Magnificence and Situation of the Temple. The Womens Oratory. The Holy S ...


       CHAP. VII. Simon 15000 Strong. John in Possession of the Temple. Simon Master of the Upper-Town; and Monobasus, of the Hill Acra. The Romans at the Gates; and the Factions in the Town as violent as ev ...


       CHAP. VIII. A Tumult Occasion'd by the Fall of a Tower in the Night. The Jews fear Nothing else. The Ram made the First Breach. The Jews quit the First Wall, and betake themselves to the Second. They ... 


       CHAP. IX. Cutor, a Bold, a Crafty, and a Treacherous Jew. He desires a Treaty, and Titus Embraces the Motion. The Whole Story a Cheat from First to Last. Castor makes an Escape from the very Flames. Mi ... 


       CHAP. X. Titus a Prince of Tenderness and Humanity. The Spight and Malice of the Factions. A Sharp Fight; and the Jews get the Better of it. Titus Recovers the Day. The Romans get the Second Wall, and ... 


       CHAP. XI. Titus Victuals and Prepares for Action. He trys Councel and Argument as well as Force. Joseph Harrangues the Jews. A Starving Famine in the City. Instances of GOD'S Providence toward the Opp ...


       CHAP. XII. The Jews Miserably Tortured and Crucify'd. Titus Severe in his own Defence. Scandal cast upon the Romans. The Jews Hard and Resolute. The Romans Raise Four Mighty Works. The Jews set Fire 


       CHAP. XIII. Titus Consults a Councel of Officers. Some for pushing it to a Battle; some for making Good the Ramparts; Others for Intercepting Provisions. Titus Orders the running up of a Wall: the Cou ... 


       CHAP. XIV. The Miserable Distresses of a Devouring Famine. The Romans make Ostentation of their Plenty, to Enflame the Envy of the Jews. Four Ramparts Raised at Antonia Larger then the Former. 


       CHAP. XV. Matthias Recommends Simon to the City. Simon Murders him in Requital, by the Hand of Ananus the Worst of Men. Ananius put to Death. Judas in a Plot to Destroy Simon. Simon Surprizes the Town ... 


       CHAP. XVI. John Advances from Pillage to Sacrilege. The very Race of the Jews Rooted out. 600000 Dead Bodies carry'd out of the City. 




       CHAP. I. The State of Jerusalem. From a Civil War they advance to a Forreign. A Paradise turn'd into a Desart. The Jews out do the Romans. They attempt the Firing of their Engines, but fail. Jerusalem ... 


       CHAP. II. The Romans find the Guards asleep at Antonia, and cut their Throats. A Terrible Fight upon it with a Great Slaughter and Confusion. A Battle of Ten Hours; and the Jews gets the Better of it. ... 


       CHAP. III. A Brave Exploit of One Julian a Centurion; and as notable a Misfortune. The Romans shut up in Antonia. The Names of the Jews that signaliz'd themselves upon This Occasion. 


       CHAP. IV. Titus Invites John out to a Fair Battle. John's Ribaldry in Return. John Deliberates upon the Matter. Jechonias's Piety and Prudence. The Fate of Jerusalem draws on: and God punishes the Jew ... 


       CHAP. V. Titus forced upon the War. He Forms his Party; and posts himself upon Fort Antonia. An Attaque in the Night follow'd with a Dismal Uproar and Confusion. Day-light brings them into Order again ... 


       CHAP. VI. A War betwixt the Temple and the Mounts. The Jews Confound the Romans by a Strategem. Titus pities them. The Bravery of Longus. A Strange Escape of Artorius. 


       CHAP. VII. The Extreme Misery that Attends Famine. 


       CHAP. VIII. A Mother Dresses and Eats the Flesh of her Own Son. Cæsar Innocent upon the Whole Matter. 


       CHAP. IX. Batteries and Mines signifie nothing. Titus tyres Sealing Ladders. The Jews make a Stout Resistance: and the Romans behave themselves Bravely. Titus Orders the Romans to set Fire to the Gate ... 


       CHAP. X. A Soldier pretends a Divine Impulse, and sets Fire to the Temple. Titus endeavours to stop it. A Dreadful Massacre.


       CHAP. XI. A Cruelty that spares neither Age, Sex, nor Quality. Nothing to be seen but Fire and Bloud. Several Priests Engaged in the Quarrel. The Temple Consum'd to Ashes, and all that was in it. Six ... 


       CHAP. XII. More Credits given to False Oracles then to the Truth it self. A Comet in the Figure of a Sword. A Strange Light about the Altar. A Cow brings forth a Lamb. A Brazen Gate opens of it self. ... 


       CHAP. XIII. Titus Proclam'd Emperour. The Force of Hunger and Drought in Extremity. Certain Priests Order'd to be put to Death. The Faction desires a Treaty, and Titus Agrees to it. A Pertinent Discou ... 


       CHAP. XIV. The Faction moves to the Palace-Royal, where they cut-off 8400 Persons, and seize all the Treasure. A Nice Point of Roman Honour. Joseph gives Good Advice, but it is Lost upon them. Sinks a ... 


       CHAP. XV. The Upper Town not to be taken without New Mounts. Titus sets the Project a-foot. The Idumæans offer him their Service by their Deputies; and beg his Pardon. Titus grants them their Request, ... 


       CHAP. XVI. The Mounts are Finish'd: and the Romans advance with their Machines. Some Shift for themselves: and Other Stand their Ground. Simon and John in Horrour and Desperation with Frightful Storie ... 


       CHAP. XVII. The Number of Dead, and of the Prisoners in This War, John and Simon Taken: the One kept for the Triumph: the Other a Prisoner for Life. The City a Heap of Ashes, and the Walls thrown down ... 


       CHAP. XVIII. Jerusalem Taken, and Destroy'd. Melchizedeck the First Founder of it; who gave it the Name of Jerusalem, in Exchange for Solyma. The City laid all in Rubbish.


       CHAP. XIX. Titus provides for the Honour and Reward of Those that Behaved themselves Bravely in the War. A Generous Speech of his to his Soldiers, accompany'd with Bounties and Presents. Titus offers ... 


       CHAP. XX. While Titus lay before Jerusalem, Vespasian Visits several Sea-Ports. Simon the Son of Gioras taken Prisoner. The Manner of Taking him. He propounds to Himself to make his Escape thorough a ...


       CHAP. XXI. The Jews Dispersed every where, especially in Syria and Antioche. The Latter are Numerous and Wealthy. Antiochus, the Son of a Jew, the Ruin of the Place. A Raging Uproar. Antiochus sets up ... 


       CHAP. XXII. Titus Overjoy'd at his Father's Arrival in Italy. Vespasian Treated with Infinite Veneration and Respect. 


       CHAP. XXIII. Germany Revolts. The Occasion of it. Cassius and Civilis the Ringleaders of a Faction. Petilius Cerealis breaks the Neck of the Sedition. Domitian puts an End to it without Bloud. The Ger ... 


       CHAP. XXIV. Titus Marches in Triumph. The Sabbatical River; The Course of it; and why so call'd Antioche Transported with Joy at the Coming of Titus. The People press to have the Jews Banish'd out of ... 


       CHAP. XXV. The Situation of Machærus. Herod the Great runs up a Wall and Turrets about it. Of the Plants Rue and Baazas. A Strange Variety of Springs and Fountains. Bassus Besieges Machærus. The Jews ...


       CHAP. XXVI. Bassus surprizes the Jews in the Forrest of Jardes. Three Thousand of them cut-off. A Poll Tax upon the Jews. 


       CHAP. XXVII. Antiochus an Unfortunate Prince. Cesennius Charges him as an Enemy to Cæsar. He makes an Incursion into Comagene. Antiochus Returns no Act of Hostility. His Two Sons Epiphanes and Callini ... 


       CHAP. XXVIII. Eleazar the Governour of Massada. The Lewdest Age since the Creation. The Sicarii led the Way; but John of Gischala out-did them all. The Brutal Barbarities of Simon. The Idumæans Inhuma ... 


       CHAP. XXIX. The Turbulent and Seditious Humour of the Sicarii. The Jews Impute all their Misfortunes to that sort of People. They will rather suffer Death then Own Cæsar for their Master.


       CHAP. XXX. Onias moves Ptolemey to give the Jews Leave to Build a Temple, and to Enjoy the Exercise of their Worship. Ptolemey gives Leave accordingly, and assigns them a spot of Ground for it. This T ... 


       CHAP. XXXI. Jonathan an Enthusiast-Weaver, draws a Party after him. They are Taken and brought Prisoners to Catullus, only Jonathan Shifts out of the Way: but being afterwards Taken he comes to a Bett ...


       THE LIFE OF Flavius Josephus: Written by his own Hand. 


   Flavius Josephus TO EPAPHRODITUS: In Answer to Apion about the Antiquity of the Jews. BOOK I. 


   Flavius Josephus IN Answer to APION about the Antiquity of the JEWS. BOOK II. 


       Flavius Josephus HIS DISCOURSE of the MACCABEES: OR, Concerning the Governing Power of REASON. 


       Philo's Account of his Embassy, FROM THE JEWS of ALEXANDRIA, To the EMPEROUR CAIUS CALIGULA. The Author's Preface upon the Subject of Humane Frailty, and the Power and Providence of Almighty God.


       CHAP. I. The Blessed Condition of the First Seven-Months-Reign of the Emperour Caius Caligula, after the Death of Tiberius. 


       CHAP. II. The Emperour Caius fell desperately Ill in the Eighth Month of his Reign, to the Great Affliction of the Provinces for his Distemper, and as great a Joy afterwards for his Recovery. 


       CHAP. III. The Horrible Ingratitude, and Cruelty of the Emperour Caius, toward Young Tiberius. 


       CHAP. IV. Caius puts Macro to Death; to whom he stood indebted for his Life and Fortune. 


       CHAP. V. Caius puts his Father-in-Law M. Sylanus to Death, and several others. 


       CHAP. VI. Caius sets up for a Demi-God. 


       CHAP. VII. Caius grows Worse and Worse; and sets up for a God of a Superiour Order. 


       CHAP. VIII. Caius's Rage against the Jews, for refusing to pay him Divine Honour. 


       CHAP. IX. The Horrid Outrages of the Alexandrians against the Jews, upon This Occasion of Caius's Persecution. 


       CHAP. X. One Helicon an Ægyptian, formerly a Slave, and at present a Favourite, exasperates Caius against the Alexandrian Jews. 


       CHAP. XI. The Jews of Alexandria send Deputies to Caius, with an Account of their Grievances, and Philo the Chief of their Embassie. 


       CHAP. XII. Caius orders Petronius the Governour of Syria, to set up his Statue in the Temple of Jerusalem: Philo and his Colleagues are inform'd of it. 


       CHAP. XIII. Petronius finds Great Difficulty to execute the Order of Caius for erecting his Statue in the Temple of Jerusalem. 


       CHAP. XIV. Petronius sets People at work upon the Statue; the Principals of the Jews refuse to receive it. They get leave to send their Deputies to the Emperour about it.


       CHAP. XV. Petronius Writes to Caius about the Jews; and gains Time by it. Caius enraged at Petronius, but Dissembles the Matter.


       CHAP. XVI. King Agrippa comes to Rome; and upon hearing that the Image was to be Consecrated, he falls into a Swoon; and then coming to himself again, he writes to the Prince about it. 


       CHAP. XVII. Caius, upon Agrippa's Letter, Orders Petronius to make no Alternation in the Temple of Jerusalem. He Repents of it, and Countermands his Own Order. He goes to Alexandria, and claims Divine ...


       CHAP. XVIII. Caius's Barbarous Treatment of Philo, and the Other Embassadors of the Alexandrian Jews. 


   Back Matter 




       AN INDEX of the Chief Passages IN JOSEPHUS. 


       AN INDEX of the Cities, Towns, &c. that occurr in the Works of JOSEPHUS. 




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