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Introduction and summary.[1]

Letter Text

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Yesterday GEORGE WYTHE , Esq; was elected Mayor of this city for the ensuing year.

A list of Gentlemen returned to serve as Burgesses, in the next General Assembly, viz .

The Hon. Peyton Randolph, Esq; for this city. Dudley Digges, and Thomas Nelson, jun, Esqrs. for York. Benjamin Harrison, and William Acrill, Esqrs. for Charles City. David Mason, and John Edmunds, Esqrs. for Sussex. Carter Braxton, and Thomas Claiborne, Esqrs. for King William. Thomas Whiting, and Lewis Burwell, jun. Esqrs. for Gloncester[sic]???. Wilson Miles Cary, and —Wallace, Esqrs. for Elizabeth city.

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