Virginia Argus, 20 June 1806

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Virginia Argus, June 10, 1806, 3.[1]

Article text, 20 June 1806

Page 3


June 14th, 1806.

GEORGE WYTHE, Judge of the High Court of Chancery for the Richmond District, a citizen not more venerable for his great age than illustrious for his patriotism, pure republican principles, inflexible integrity, great learning and sound judgment, and his long and faithful services to his country, having departed this life on the 8th instant, the Governor and Council thinking it highly proper that the sorrow sincerely felt by themselves and by the public for the loss of that eminent patriot and sage, should be manifested by some outward sign of respect to his memory, do resolve unanimously, that they will wear in honor of the deceased, a black Crape on the left arm for one month.[2]

Extract from the Minutes,
Clerk of the Council.

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  1. Virginia Argus, June 20, 1806, 3.
  2. W. Edwin Hemphill notes, in "Examinations of George Wythe Swinney for Forgery and Murder: A Documentary Essay," that this order appears in the Journals of the Council of Virginia (MSS. in the Virginia State Library), XXVII, 448. When the Virginia General Assembly convened in Dec., 1806, its members also resolved unanimously to "wear a badge of mourning" for one month. Washington, D.C., National Intelligencer, and Washington Advertiser, Dec. 15, 1806.

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