Rowlett's Tables of Discount

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by John Rowlett

Bibliographic Information

Author: John Rowlett

Title: Rowlett's Tables of Discount, or Interest, on Every Dollar, From Unit, or One, to Two Thousand; on Every Ten Dollars, From Two Thousand to Two Thousand Five Hundred; on Every Fifty, From Two Thousand Five Hundred to Three Thousand; And on Every Five Hundred, From Three Thousand to Five Thousand; From One, to Sixty-Four Days, Inclusive, Also for Every Month, From One to Twelve, and for Eighteen Months, and Two Years; Besides a Complete Cent Table: the Whole Computed at Six Per Cent Together With Examples ... Shewing In What Manner (By Means of the Tables) to Ascertain the Interest, at Five, Seven, and at Eight Per Cent

Publication Info: Philadelphia: Printed for the proprietor, by Hugh Maxwell , 1802.


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Rebacked with original boards and leather label with gilt lettering on spine. Purchased from Eveleigh Books.

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