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by Sir Bartholomew Shower

Eleven works of Shower's, on law and politics, were published, some posthumously. He was the first to publish (in 1698) the judicial decisions of the House of Lords, but the printing ceased when the Lords voted the publication a breach of privilege. Two volumes of Shower's law reports were posthumously published from his manuscript notes. These reports have been much criticized, but both Wallace and Holdsworth note that Shower had not prepared them for publication. George Butt brought out a third edition of Shower's Reports (1834), correcting numerous transcription errors in the two earlier editions and adding the reports for the Michaelmas term of 1688, but curiously it was the second edition of 1794 that was reprinted in The English Reports (vol. 89, 1908) and hence is usually cited. [1]

Bibliographic Information

Author: Sir Bartholomew Shower, (1658-1701)

Title: The Reports of Sir Bartholomew Shower, Knt. of Cases Adjudg'd in the Court of King's Bench, in the Reign of His Late Majesty King William III

Publication Info: London: Printed by the assigns of Richard and Edward Atkins, Esqs; for Danial Borwne and J. Walthoe, 1708-20.


Evidence for Inclusion in Wythe's Library

Description of the Wolf Law Library's copy


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