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==Description of the Wolf Law Library's copy==
==Description of the Wolf Law Library's copy==
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by John March

In 1642 March rose to prominence when he published a defence of the Long Parliament's militia ordinance entitled An argument or, debate in law: of the great question concerning the militia; as it is now settled by ordinance of both the houses of parliament. In this tract March argued that, although power to proclaim war and peace and hence control over the militia ordinarily lay with the king, in time of ‘imminent danger’ to the kingdom and ‘extream necessity’ the two houses of parliament could lawfully put the militia in a posture of defence without the king's authority (J. March, Argument, 1642, 5–7). This tract has sometimes been attributed to John Milton although Thomason's copy is clearly marked ‘J. Marsh’. In March 1644 he was in the employ of the committee of both kingdoms at Darby House and in 1647 he published Actions for slaunder, or, A methodicall collection under certain grounds and heads, of what words are actionable in the law, and what not? A second, augmented, edition of this work appeared the following year along with a set of printed reports entitled Reports, or new cases; with divers resolutions and judgements given upon solemn arguments, and with great deliberation. [1]

Bibliographic Information

Author: John March

Title: Reports, or New Cases: with Divers Resolutions and Judgements Given upon Solemn Arguments, and with Great Deliberation. And the Reasons and Causes of the Said Resolutions and Judgments

Publication Info: London: Printed by M.F. for W. Lee, M. Walbanke, D. Pakeman, and G. Beadel, 1648.


Evidence for Inclusion in Wythe's Library

Description of the Wolf Law Library's copy

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