Report of the Committee on the Northern Army, 28 November 1776

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Page one of a report from the Committee on the Northern Army in the handwriting of George Wythe, November 28, 1776. Image from Fold3.
Page two of the report. Image from Fold3.

This report, in the handwriting of George Wythe and Samuel Adams, concerning the Northern Army was filed by the Continental Congress on 28 November, 1776. The report discusses the order of 20 cannons and the procurement of supplies for five-thousand soldiers of the Northern Army.

The text of the final report was published in the Journals of the Continental Congress (1906).[1]

Document text, 28 November 1776

Page 1

The Committee appointed to take into consideration the Report of the Committee lately sent to the Northern Army beg leave to make Report, and pray that they may be allowed to sit again.

Resolved that it is the opinion of this committee, that a letter be sent to governor Trumbull, desiring him to order twenty cannon [illegible] ^ carrying shot of eighteen pounds weight to be cast at Salisbury iron works, and transported to Ticonderoga, with all possible expedition.

Resolved, that it is the opinion of theis opinion committee that skilful persons be sent to examine the Salisbury and mr Livingston's founderies, and if ^ it be found that a sufficient number of cannon may be cast there, that proper artificers be forthwith employed in that work, an agreement being first made with the annex^ Gov. Trumbull and mr Livingston for that purpose.

Resolved that it is the opinion of this committee, that the commissary general be directed to procure provisions sufficient for eight five thousand men during eight months, to be sent to Albany, and from thence^ to Fort Anne and the like quantity to remain in Albany, and be removed elsewhere as occasion may require,

Resolved, that ^ it is the opinion of this committee thatbushels of salt be sent to Albany

and that the commissary-general be directed to send a sufficient qty of salt be immediately purchased and sent to Albany.

Postpon'd Resolved that it is the opinion of this committee that one thousand good Blankets and five hundred^flock mattresses and pillows be purchased or otherwise procured and sent to Albany for the use of the report of the^Hospital in the Northern Army.

Page 2

Nov. 28th 1776. { No. 12.
Report of the Committee to
whom ??? referred the Report
the report of the Comee. lately ???
to the northern Army
Nor. 28. 1776
Last article postponed.

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  1. Journals of the Continental Congress, ed. Worthington C. Ford, Vol. 6, October 9-December 31, 1776 (Washington, D.C.: Library of Congress, 1906), 1047-1049.

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