John Page, Lieutenant-Governor, to the Speaker of the House of Delegates, 23 June 1777

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Letter text, June 23, 1777

(Virginia State Archives, Executive Papers.)
In Council June 23d 1777.


The Governor and Council in the Beginning of the present Session submitted to the Assembly the propriety of passing a Law or some Resolution to enable them to turn over the men inlisted [sic] by such recruiting

officers as have resigned or been discontinued for want of having completed their Quota, to such officers as have come the nearest to a Completion of their Quota, the present Law requiring that they shall be turned over to the Officer appointed to succeed. This Alteration the Board thought before was proper, in Point of Justice, but they find now it is become absolutely necessary for forming a compleat [sic] Battalion to join Gen1 Washington, agreeable to Resolution of Assembly; it being impracticable to select the necessary officers with their full Quotas; & several must be sent with large Deficiencies.

I have the Honor to be with great Respect

Yr mo. obt hble Servt

The Honble George Wythe Esqr

Speaker of the House of Delegates

[Endorsed:] Honble John Page Esqr Letter June 23d 1777 Respecting State Battalion to be marched to the Northward.

Letter text, June 24, 1777

(From Journal of the House of Delegates.)
Tuesday, June 24.

Resolved, The Governor and Privy Council be desired to settle the priority of rank among the captains and subalterns in the three battalions belonging to this Commonwealth, so as to give precedence to those officers formerly in the marine service according to the dates of their respective commissions in that service, then to the officers who were in the minute service in like manner, and to all others according to the time of their having completed their respective proportions.

Letter text, June 25, 1777

Wednesday, June 25.

A Message from the Senate by Mr. Henry Lee:

Mr. Speaker,- The Senate have agreed to the resolution of this House, empowering the Governor and Council to contract with Mr. James Hunter for armed for the use of the public.

Letter text, June 26, 1777

Thursday, June 26.

Resolved, That the Governor, with the advice of the Privy Council, for the more speedily making up the battalions heretofore ordered by this Assembly to join Gen. Washington’s army, be authorised [sic] to turn over the men enlisted by such officers as have been discontinued, or enlisted the fewest men, to such officers as have come the nearest completing their respective quotas, preferring such recruits as have enlisted for three years.

[Agreed to by the Senate the same day.]

Letter text, June 27, 1777

Friday June 27.

Resolved, That the Governor, with the advice of the Privy Council, be authorised [sic] to adopt, for the care of the sick soldiers of this Common

wealth, as far as circumstances and situation admit and render necessary, the continental arrangement for the military medical department, and that the rank and pay of the director, surgeon, and other persons employed in the hospitals of this State, be the same as those of the deputy directors, surgeons, and others employed in the service of the continent.

Resolved, That the Governor and Privy Council be empowered to contract with any person within this Commonwealth, for good muskets, with steel and iron ramrods, bayonets and sheaths, upon the same terms as they are authorized to do with Mr. James Hunter by a resolution of this General Assembly, provided they be of equal quality.

The Speaker laid before the House, a letter of Thomas Nelson, Esq, declining to accept the office of a Privy Counsellor.

[The next day Thomas Adams was elected in his room.

The Assembly adjourned on July 28 to meet on the third Monday in October.]