The History of the Pleas of the Crown

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by Sir Matthew Hale

Historia Placitorum Coronæ: The History of the Pleas of the Crown

Title page from Historia Placitorum Coronæ: The History of the Pleas of the Crown, volume one, George Wythe Collection, Wolf Law Library, College of William & Mary.

Author Sir Matthew Hale
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Published London: In the Savoy: Printed by E. and R. Nutt, and R. Gosling for F. Gyles
Date 1736
Edition First
Language English
Volumes 2 volume set
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Sir Matthew Hale (1609- 1676) attended Lincoln’s Inn to study the law in the footsteps of his father, who had died when Hale was a very young age.[1] While studying at Lincoln’s Inn, Hale became very close with the attorney general, William Noy (d. 1634).[2] Noy is believed to have helped shape Hale’s love for medieval transcripts.[3] This would later lead to Hale’s work on a large amount of legal literature. Hale entered the bar in 1636 after the normal seven years of schooling.[4] In 1671, Sir Matthew Hale became the chief justice of the Court of King’s Bench, a well-deserved role considering the amount of writing he was doing on criminal law as well as the common law.[5]

Historia Placitorum Coronæ, The History of the Pleas of the Crown, is a three-volume work on criminal law that was never completed.[6] In Hale's plan, the first volume would cover capital offenses and then further split between treasons and felonies; the second volume would consist of non-capital offenses; finally, the third volume would deal with franchises and liberties.[7] Unfortunately only the first volume was completed, but it was considered almost perfect with many of Hale’s edits complete.[8] The book was ordered to be published by the House of Commons in 1680 but the first edition only appeared in 1736.[9] It became "the main authority on English criminal law for a century thereafter" and "provides the structure of Blackstone's Commentaries."[10]

Bibliographic Information

Author: Sir Matthew Hale.

Title: Historia Placitorum Coronæ: The History of the Pleas of the Crown.

Published: [London], In the Savoy: Printed by E. and R. Nutt, and R. Gosling for F. Gyles, 1736.

Edition: First edition; two volumes.

Evidence for Inclusion in Wythe's Library

Wythe definitely owned this title—a copy at the University of Virginia includes his bookplate and an inscription on the inside front board, "Given by Thos. Jefferson to D. Carr, 1806." Not surprisingly, it is also listed in the Jefferson Inventory of Wythe's Library as Hale's P.C. 2.v. fol., given by Thomas Jefferson to Dabney Carr. Three of the Wythe Collection sources (Dean's Memo[11], Brown's Bibliography[12] and George Wythe's Library[13] on LibraryThing) list The History of the Pleas of the Crown.

Description of the Wolf Law Library's copy

Has owner's label on spine, "Robt. Yancey"; illegible autograph dated 1832 on front cover and repeated on title page.

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