Governor Henry to George Wythe, Speaker of the House of Delegates, 27 May 1777*

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Peace treaty with the Cherokee nation is discussed. [1]

Letter text, May 27, 1777

Page 154

(From W. W. Henry’s “Henry,” III, 79.)
May 27, 1777.

Sir: A number of the chiefs and warriours [sic] of the Cherokee nation are now in this City. They are come here for the purpose of ratifying a treaty of peace, which has been for some time under the Management of commissioners appointed for that purpose by the Executive power of this state, as will appear by the papers lately transmitted to you. If the general assembly shall think it necessary to give any direction for conducting this business, the Executive will pay due regard to the same.

The affairs of these Indians will not permit them to remain here but a short time. With great regard I have the honor to be,

Sir Yr. most obt. h’ble servt.

To the Honorable George Wythe, Esq.,

Speaker to the House of Delegates.

Letter text, May 29

Page 155

(From Journal of the House of the House of Delegates.)
Thursday, May 29

From the Senate * * * *

And also, the Senate will proceed, by joint ballot, this day, with the House of delegates, to the choice of an Attorney General; but as only one person is nominated for that office, and for the office of Governor or Chief Magistrate, the Senate propose continuing Patrick Henry, Esq. and Edmund Randolph, Esq. in their respective offices without ballot.

The House taking the said message into consideration.

Resolved, That the said Patrick Henry, Esq be appointed Governor or Chief Magistrate of this Commonwealth for one year from the end of the present session of Assembly.

After extended balloting it was.

Resolved, That the said John Page, Dudley Digges, John Blair, Bartholomew Dandridge, Thomas Walker, Nathaniel Harrison, Thomas Nelson jun and David Jameson, Esquires be appointed members of the Privy Council or Council of State.

Letter text, May 30, 1777

(From Journal of the Council.)
Friday the 30th of May 1777.

* * * by a flag to the British . . . of the ship Albion, to know of him whether he will permit . . . now under orders to depart this State to embark in the . . . intended voyage to great Britain, that the Officer going . . . the said British Officer, to obtain his Engagement that all . . . employed in carrying on Board the said Passengers and their . . . provisions shall pass to and from the said ship unmolested . . . of the Militia of Nansemond or any one of them, do strictly ex . . . the embarkation of the said British subjects, and see that they . . . but the necessaries for their voyage, and particularly no article of C . . . to be exported to Britain.

Letter text, May 30, 1777

(Journal of the House of Delegates.)
Friday, May 30.

The Speaker laid before the House a letter from the Governor, enclosing one from General Washington.

Saturday, May 31.

The Speaker laid before the House a letter from the hon. John Page, Esquire; accompanying the proceedings of the Privy Council, or Council of State.

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  1. Governor Henry to George Wythe, Speaker of the House of Delegates, 27 May 1777*, in Official Letters of the Governors of the State of Virginia, vol. 1, The Letters of Patrick Henry, ed. H. R. McIlwaine (Richmond: Superintendent of Public Printing, 1926), 154-155.

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