Governor Henry to George Wythe, 24 May 1777

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In this letter, Patrick Henry writes to George Wythe, and states that, a treaty has been made with the Cherokee Native Americans: [1]

Letter text, May 24, 1777

Page 151

(From Va. State Archives, Ex. Com.)
May 24th, 1777


The Treat lately conclude with the Cherokees196 I have the Honor to transmit to the House of Delegates for their perusal. I am

Yr mo. Obt & very
Hble. Servt

The hon’ble

George Wythe, Esqr

Speaker of the House of Delegates

Foot Note

196 “The Assembly having referred it to the Governour [sic] and this Board, to direct the completion of the Treaty began with the Cherokee Indians in such manner as they think best. Resolved that the Governor be desired to confer with the Cherokee Chiefs and Warriors from time to time, during their stay, upon the subject of all disputes now subsisting between them and this State, and of the Treaty of peace now under Consideration with them, and receive any proposals they make, and give proper answer to them, preparatory to completing the treaty to be held at the great Island the 26th of next month, and that this Board will attend at such Conferences as may be appointed, and that Dr. Walker and Colo Christian be desired to provide from the pubic store or any other place, proper presents to be made to the Indians no here, and consider of what is necessary to provide for the Indians at the next meeting at the Great Island.” Journal (1776-1777) p. 422.

Letter text, May 24

Page 152

(From Journal of the House of Delegates.)
Saturday May 24.

The Speaker laid before the House a letter from the Governor, inclosing the treaty lately concluded with the Cherokee Indians.

Ordered, That the Governor and Council be desired to lay before the House a state of our trade, together with the supplies of arms, ammunition, clothing, blankets, and provisions, for the army, which are now on hand.

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  1. Governor Henry to George Wythe, 24 May 1777, in Official Letters of the Governors of the State of Virginia, vol. 1, The Letters of Patrick Henry, ed. H. R. McIlwaine (Richmond: Superintendent of Public Printing, 1926), 151-152.

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