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==External links==
==External links==
Read this article at the [http://www.law.ua.edu/pubs/lrarticles/Volume%2058/Issue%205/Holt.pdf Alabama Law Review.]
Read this article at the [http://www.law.ua.edu/pubs/lrarticles/Volume%2058/Issue%205/Holt.pdf ''Alabama Law Review.'']
[[Category:Biographies (Articles)]]
[[Category:Biographies (Articles)]]

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"George Wythe: Early Modern Judge"[1] is a 2007 law review article written by University Research Professor Emeritus, Wythe Holt, Jr. (a descendent of Wythe's sister), for a legal history symposium in his honor. Holt considers four opinions by Wythe: Commonwealth v. Caton, Page v. Pendleton, Pleasants v. Pleasants, and Hudgins v. Wrights.


  1. Wythe Holt, "George Wythe: Early Modern Judge," Alabama Law Review 58, no. 5 (2007), 1009-1039.

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Read this article at the Alabama Law Review.