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[[Category:Letters to Wythe]]

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Page 1

"Christopher Leffingwell to John Hancock, 29 November 1775, pg 1." Image from The Papers of the Continental Congress, 1774-1789.

The Hon. John Hancock Esq.
    President of the Continental Congress

Letter from Chris Leffingwell dated 29 Nov. 1775.
Respecting the cargo of the Brig Nancy, Capt Davis,
Read 12 Dec 1775
With 4 enclosures
Committed to 3 members
Mr. Wythe

Page 2

"Christopher Leffingwell to John Hancock, 29 November 1775, pg 2." Image from The Papers of the Continental Congress, 1774-1789.

Dear Sir,                         Norwich 29th Nov. 1775
    The Brig. Nancy Thomas Davis Master, Lately belonging to Joshua Winslow of Boston . . . Arrived at Stonington in Connecticut in the Month of July Last with a Load of Molasses . . . The Master Immediately Notified the Administrators & William Lightly was Sent out of Boston to Take Charge of her . . . He was taken up & Examined by the General Officers at Roxbury Camp & Sent to Gen. Washington at Cambridge . . . I was then at Roxbury & was desired to Advise Gov. Trumbull &c as may be Seen by the Inclosed Letters. . . The Brig. was brought here & My Self with William Coit Were Appointed to procure the Vessel unladed Stript of her Sails Rigging &c & Store them with the Goods, Dispose of Sufficient for paying the Master & People their Wages &C & discharge them all which we have done . . . The Committees of Correspondence & Inspection for this Town at their Meeting this day directed us to ask the Advise of the Hon. Continental Congress what Further Steps to Take in this Matter, the Expence of Storage is Daily increasing & the Molasses would now sell for 1/6 p Gallon & might be Converted into Cash immediately . . . if it lies much longer in Store must have Considerable Cooperage . . . Beg you would lay the matter before the Congress that they would Give us Some directions . . . The inclosed Papers be kind Enough to Return me to Bearer M. Daniel Leffingwell . . . and as Soon as may be the advise of Congress . . . & beg leave to Subscribe with Greatest Esteem. Your Most Obedt Hble Servt
                        For Mr Coil & Self
                             Christ. Leffingwell
To Hon John Hancock Esq.