Wythe to Thomas Jefferson, 7 April 1775

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"Wythe to Thomas Jefferson, 7 April 1775" [written April 6]. Image from the Library of Congress, The Thomas Jefferson Papers.

Dated 6 April and refers to yesterday's letter, but Wythe crossed it out and overwrote 7 April. The letter Wythe is referring to talks about how he would look into charters that had to do with information about Virginia that Jefferson was looking into and send any he thought would help. In the current letter, Wythe says he has found three charters that are the same as ones that can be found in the appendix of The History of the First Discovery and Settlement of Virginia by William Stith. He also found several commissions from James I and his son, Charles I, about Virginia and asks Jefferson if he would want copies sent.

Letter text

Dear Sir,

Since my letter of yesterday, I have looked cursorily over all the charters in my office. Of those sent by mr Montagu the three which seem to concern the matter you are considering are the same that are in the appendix to mr Stith's history and the other which is all that I have of them besides is an ordinance relating to the appointment of a council in England for the affairs of the colony. Among these I find several commissions by James the first and his son appointing commissioners to consider of the state of the colony and of the proper means to advance it &c. Shall I send you copies of them? Is there any thing else in which I can assist you? I am, dear Sir, your G Wythe
67 April 1775

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