Wythe to Robert Carter, 11 June 1771

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"Wythe to Robert Carter, 11 June 1771, p. 1." Image from the Heritage Auctions, Heritage Auctions.
"Wythe to Robert Carter, 11 June 1771, p. 2." Image from the Heritage Auctions, Heritage Auctions.

George Wythe wrote to Robert Carter at Nomini Hall, in Westmoreland County, Virginia, in June, 1771, to discuss the estate of Henry Randolph IV (1721 – 1771).[1] Wythe mentions a visit to Williamsburg by the executor of Randolph's will, however four such executors (and his wife, as executrix) are named in Randolph's will.[2] Wythe discusses the valuation of an escaped slave, Moses Flood, and two missing horses.

The letter appears to be dated June 11, 1771, but there is a note on the reverse indicating it may have been written in 1772. Henry Randolph died April 30, 1771. The letter, previously part of the collection of Colonel James H. Manning, of Albany, N.Y., was sold at auction in 1926.[3]

Letter text, 11 June 1771

Page 1

11th of June, 1771.

The executor of mr Henry Randolph came to town this day, and we agreed to refer the affair of his slave, Moses Flood, to the arbitrament of mr Treasurer and mr Blair, who value the man to 100l and awarded us to pay that sum with 37..10..0, for interest, which I have paid accordingly. Perhaps you may hear of the fellow in Maryland, whither, it seems, he fled, and reclaim him for the benefit of the estates. John and Fidas tell me Anthony Hay, who I believe left not estate enough to pay his debts, had one of the horses; and John says he thinks a mr Tabb of Amelia had the other, which I suspect he is mistaken in. Do you recollect any thing about them? With the best wishes for the family at Nomoni [sic], I am,

Your humble servant
G. Wythe.

Hon. mr Carter.

Page 2


Mr G. Wythe's letter to R. Carter
is Dated 1771 but it is appre-
hended this letter was written in

The Hon. Robert Carter, esq.

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