Wythe, William Ellery & Committee on Clothing to Nicholas Cooke, 11 October 1776

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From Records of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations in New England, vol. 8, 1776-1779, edited by John Russell Bartlett (Providence, RI: Cooke, Jackson, 1863), p. 34.

The Committee on Clothing, which includes George Wythe and William Ellery, asks the Governor of Rhode Island Nicholas Cooke to have his colony provide clothing for the troops because the Committee believes that Rhode Island will be a more effective than Congress in supplying the clothing. The Committee goes on to say that once Governor Cooke lets them know who the Assembly of Rhode Island appoints to the task and the expected cost, they will send the necessary money.

Letter text, 11 October 1776

Philadelphia Oct. 11th. 1776


Congress being earnestly engaged to make the best Provision in their Power for cloathing the Troops particularly those who enlist into the new Army, have passed the inclosed Resolve; And the Committee being of Opinion that the Assembly of your State can direct the Execution of this Matter more effectually than they can, request you to apply the Assembly of your State to appoint the most suitable Persons to transact this Business with all possible Dispatch, and upon letting us know that Sums of Money you may be able to lay out it shall be sent you.

We are with great Respect

Your Honours most obedient humble Servants,
Rob Treat Paine   John Penn
Wm. Williams   Josiah Bartlett
G. Wythe   T. Stone
Lyman Hall   Wm Ellery
Jno Witherspoon    

To the Hon. Nicholas Cooke, Esq. Governor
of the state of Rhode Island and Provi-
dence Plantations.