Lettres sur l'Égypte

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by M. Claude Etienne Savary

Claude-Étienne Savary (1750-1788) traveled to Egypt in 1776 and remained there for three years.[1] His three volume Lettres sur l’Egypte includes not only his own personal recollections, but also observations about ancient and modern Egypt that he drew in part from Arab authors little known to his European audience.[2] Savary’s writing was highly praised at the time of its publication for its “picturesque style” and “vivid descriptions.”[3] The Lettres were translated into English, German, Dutch, and Swedish.[4] However, the work did garner criticism from those who felt the book was more novel than nonfiction, that Savary’s observations were exaggerated, and that he was prone to making mistakes when calculating dates.[5] By the ninteenth century, the Lettres had lost much of their popularity, as Savary’s writing was considered overly extravagant.[6]

Bibliographic Information

Author: M. Claude Etienne Savary.

Title: Lettres sur l'Égypte, Où l'on Offre le Parallèle des Moeurs Anciennes & Modernes de Ses Habitans, Où L'on Décrit L'état, le Commerce, l'Agriculture, le Gouvernement du Pays, & la Descente de S. Louis À Damiette, Tirée de Joinville & des Auteurs Arabes, avec des Cartes Géographiques.

Published: Paris: Onfroi, 1785-86.

Edition: ; three volumes.

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