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==External links==
==External links==
*[http://digitool1.lva.lib.va.us:8881/R/1RDGG366B1A6YILLNATM2MBB4TG3NL3NLQV3Q8SBUBJ94CVG3I-00168?func=results-jump-full&set_entry=000001&set_number=319352&base=GEN01 Journal of the College of Electors, 1804-1856,] Library of Virginia.
*Journal of the College of Electors, 1804-1856, [http://digitool1.lva.lib.va.us:8881/R?func=collections-result&collection_id=2935&_ga=2.89656536.292216241.1521144290-1372312620.1521144290 Electoral College Digital Collection,] Library of Virginia.
[[Category: Government]]
[[Category: Government]]

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This journal lists the electors that were present and voted for President and Vice-President of the United States at the 1804 College of Electors. Thomas Jefferson won the 1804 US Presidential Election with a 162 electoral college votes. His opponent, Charles Pinckney of South Carolina won 14 electoral college votes. George Wythe was selected as an Electoral College elector in both 1800 and 1804. [1]

Journal Text

Page 1


Richmond, Dec. 4.th 1804.


I have the honor to enclose you for the information of the __________ a copy of the resolution this day agreed to at a meeting of the Electors of a President and Vice president of the United States. This resolution will detail to you the absence of two of the Electors, viz. Larkin Smith of King & Queen, and Richard Evers Lee of Norfolk borough.

I have the honor to be, with high
considerations of respect,
Your most obedt.
and very hble servt.
G, Wythe. Chairman.

To the Speaker of the __________

Page 2


The resolution enclosed.

At a meeting of the Electors for choosing a President and Vice President of the United States, held at the Capitol in the city of Richmond, at three o'clock on Tuesday the 4th day of December 1804, Present the following
Electors, viz; —
Geo; Wythe and twenty one others.
On motion,
George Wythe Esquire was unanimously appointed chairman.
On motion,
Resolved that the Chairman be directed to inform the legislature now in session, by letter addressed to the Speaker of each House, that, on this day at 3 o'clock, the following Electors, viz; Larkin Smith of King & Queen and Richard Evens Lee

Page 3


of Norfolk did not appear, and are not at present in the city of Richmond.


Theo. Hansford, C. C. E.

A provisional appointment of Electors to supply the places of the absentees was made by the Legislature on the 4.th of December, but the absent Electors, appearing, at the Capitol, on the 5th at 10 o'clock, proceeded to ballot with the others chosen by the people.

A list of Electors, who voted for a president and Vice president of the United States, at the Capitol in the city of Richmond, on Wednesday the 5.th of December 1804.

Richard Evers Lee of Norfolk.
John Goodrich of Isle of Wight.
Edward Pegram of Dinwiddie.

Page 4


Doctor Richard Field of Brunswick.
Thomas Read of Charlotte.
Creed Taylor of Cumberland.
William H. Cabell of Amherst.
George Penn of Patrick.
George Wythe of the city of Richmond.
John Taylor of Caroline.
Larkin Smith of King & Queen.
John Minor of Spotsylvania.
William Ellzey of Loudoun.
William Dudley of Warwick.
Mann Page of Gloucester.
John Taliaferro jun. of King George
Richard Brent of Prince William.
Hugh Holmes of Frederick.
James Dailey of Hanpshire.
James Allen of Shenandoah.
Archibald Stuart of Augusta.
James Mcfarlane of Russell.
Gen. John Preston of Montgomery, and
William M. Kinley of Ohio.


  1. Secretary of the Commonwealth. Journal of the College of Electors, 1804-1856. Accession 50507, State government records collection, The Library of Virginia, Richmond, VA.

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