Gov. Harrison to Col. Charles Dabney, 13 Nov 1782

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File:Governors of the State of VA, Official Letters title page.pdf


Gov. Harrison writes a letter telling Col. Dabney to give a bay horse back to George Wythe. George Wythe denies the horse ever being his, and will not accept the horse.

Letter text, 13 Nov 1782

(From Virginia State Archives, Executive Papers.)
In Council 13th. Novbr 1782.
Colo Dabney is requested to deliver the within Horse to Mr. Wythe from whose plantation it appears he was taken. 139a


139a This order was written on the back of the following affidavit:

York Coty. towit,

This Day Robert Kerby came before me and made Oath that in the course of the time the British Army were at York, and he in the American Army, he the said Robert Kerby did take a bay Horse supposed to be the property of Colo. Hambleton then

in the British Service and afterwards dispos’d of the said Horse to John Kerby which sd. Horse was taken from John Kerby by Capt. Armistead of Colo. Dabneys Legion contrary to his consent. Given under my hand this 3d. day of November 1782.

Starkey Robinson
George Wythe, however, wrote the following underneath the governor’s order:
I do not claim the horse mentioned above, and shall not receive him.
G. Wythe
13th Nov. 1782


From vol. 3 of Official Letters of the Governors of the State of Virginia, published by the Virginia State Library (Richmond: H.R. McIlwaine, 1929), between pages 376 and 377.