Field v. Russell

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Field v. Russell (1747) was a case in Orange County, Virginia, county court, in which George Wythe defended William Russell. Our only information about this case comes a brief entry in Orange County's records.[1]

Text from Orange County Order Book No. 5, p.15

Orange County Court 24th of July 1747

- KEENE FIELD Quitam &c. Plt. agst. WILLIAM RUSSELL, Gent., Deft.
In Debt

This day came Plt. who as well, &c., by ZACHARY LEWIS, Gent., his Attorney, and Deft. by GEORGE WYTHE, Gent., his Attorney, and Deft. defends the force and injury when, &c., and prays and has leave to imparl til the next Court and then to plead

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