Epea Pteroenta, or The Diversions of Purley

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by John Horne Tooke

The Diversions of Purley
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Title not held by The Wolf Law Library
at the College of William & Mary.
Author John Horne Tooke
Published London: Printed for J. Johnson
Date 1786
Volumes volume set

Evidence for Inclusion in Wythe's Library

Citations from Wythe's Reports

Devisme v. Martin

Wythe does not specifically quote Epea Pteroenta, but in Devisme v. Martin, Wythe 298 (1794),[1] he alludes to a passage from the dialogue "Of the Noun": "Reason is an arrant despot; who, in his own dominions, admits of no authority but his own."[2] Wythe makes the allusion as a defense for his presumption in disagreeing with a decision from the English Court of Common Pleas:

The writer of these notes, differing in this point with three capital english judges, is aware, that he will be regarded with a fastidious eye by men, whose veneration for the westmonasterian oracles is equal to the veneration of the antients for the dodonaean and delphic oracles; but, when he has reason, the only despot,* to which he professeth unconditional submission, on his side, he will venture to differ with any man. *John Horne Tooke[3]

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