Cloyd v. Cloyd

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Cloyd v. Cloyd, 1 Jefferson’s Memorandum Books 113 (1769),[1] was a suit at chancery for an injunction to force the defendant (the plaintiff’s father) to convey certain lands on a pretended promise. George Wythe represented the defendants and the case was in progress only having depositions with no answer yet filed for the complaint.

Text of Jefferson's Entry

Aug. 16. Joseph Cloyd (Augusta) v. David Cloyd and James Cloyd (Augusta). A suit in Chanc. or an injunction to oblige the def. David father of the pl. to convey certain lands on a pretended promise. G. W. is emploied for def. The suit of two years standings. There have been some depons. taken by consent: the def. will not admit them, so a commn. must issue generally as usual. No answer yet put in. Recd. £3.[2]

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