National Intelligencer, and Washington Advertiser, 15 December 1806

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Detail from page two of the National Intelligencer for December 15, 1806.

In December of 1806, the National Intelligencer in Washington, D.C. announced that the Honorable Creed Taylor (1766 – 1832) had been confirmed as the replacement for the Richmond district's high court of chancery, following the death of George Wythe on June 8 (Taylor was appointed on June 14).[1] Also resolved, on December 3, that the Virginia General Assembly would wear a "badge of mourning" for one month as a sign of respect.[2]

Article text, 15 December 1806

Page 2

The legislature of Virginia has confirmed the appointment of Creed Taylor, esq. as successor to the late venerable Judge Wythe, in the high court of chancery.

Richmond, Dec. 3.

Virginia Legislature.

On motion, Resolved unanimously, as a testimonial of respect for the character of our illustrious fellow citizen, George Wythe, who to his latest moment devoted to the service of his country those pre-eminent talents and distinguished virtues, which at a most perilous crisis, were with manly firmness and incorruptible patriotism exerted to obtain for her the inestimable blessing of freedom—That the members of this house will for one month wear a badge of mourning.

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