Wythe to Thomas Jefferson, 10 February 1786

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"Wythe to Thomas Jefferson, 10 February 1786, pg 1." Image from the Library of Congress, The Thomas Jefferson Papers.

G.W. to T.J.
    In a letter written lately to you, after acknowledging the receipt of a pacquet, i begged you, if it would not be inconvenient, to procure for me the arms of Taliaferro, engraven on a small copper plate, with the name Richard Taliaferro, and this motto, taken from Επτα επι Θηβας Αισχυλου, S.598, Ου δοκειν αριςος αλλ’ ειναι or without action, αριςος, if you think it, omitted, will be understood. In this i desire your assistance, because i believe the family to have been buscan. Mr. Bellini, having informed me that a district not further distant from Florence than 12 or 13 miles bears that name. I also desired a copy of the book which i had seen in the hands of your friend M. I now beg an other favour of you: it is, that you will see, a copy of the same book to Richard Paul Jodrell esq. F. R. S. Berners street, London. This liberty requires an apology. With that it may begin a correspondence which we have which

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"Wythe to Thomas Jefferson, 10 February 1786, pg 2." Image from the Library of Congress, The Thomas Jefferson Papers.

which i almost dare to say i know will be pleasing to both parties be allowed? It is the only apology which i can make; although i have a further reason for asking the favour, which is that such a present, at my request, would be a requital of that gentleman’s kindnesses to me. In truth, my dear sir., i have been so free in a letter as to mention you to him, and propose introducing him to your acquaintance. Farewell. Williamsburgh, 10 February. 1786.