Wythe to Thomas Jefferson, 10 February 1786

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"Wythe to Thomas Jefferson, 10 February 1786, pg 1." Image from the Library of Congress, The Thomas Jefferson Papers.

G.W. to T.J.
    In a letter written lately to you, after acknowledging the receipt of a pacquet, i begged you, if it would not be inconvenient, to procure for me the arms of Taliaferro, engraven on a small copper plate, with the name Richard Taliaferro, and this motto, taken from […?], or without action, if you think it, omitted, will be understood. In this i desire your assistance, because i believe the family to have been buscan. Mr. Bellini, having informed me that a district not further distant from Florence than 12 or 13 miles bears that name. I also desired a copy of the book which i had seen in the hands of your friend M. I now beg an other favour of you: it is, that you will see, a copy of the same book to Richard [PautJearell?] esq. if [R.S. Bernurns?] street London. This liberty requires an apology. With that it may begin a correspondence which we have which

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"Wythe to Thomas Jefferson, 10 February 1786, pg 2." Image from the Library of Congress, The Thomas Jefferson Papers.

which i almost dare to say i know will be pleasing to both parties be allowed? It is the only apology which i can make; although i have a further reason for asking the favour, which is that such a present, at my request, would be a requital of that gentleman’s kindnesses to me. In truth, my dear sir., i have been so free in a letter as to mention you to him, and propose introducing him to your acquaintance. Farewell. Williamsburgh, 10 February. 1786.