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(Letter Text, 10 April 1804)
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==Letter Text, 10 April 1804==
==Letter text, 10 April 1804==
===Page 1===
===Page 1===

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Page one of a letter from Wythe to Judge Samuel Tyler, April 10, 1804. Original in the Special Collections Research Center, Swem Library, College of William & Mary.


Letter text, 10 April 1804

Page 1

Hon Samuel Tyler


Page 2

G Wythe to the hon' m' Tyler

A commissioner of the Richmond chancerie district court, thinking the allowance to that officer for his services scantie, proposeth that it be increased to five shillings by the hour. This, whatever my opinion might as be, i would not presume to do, without concurrence of my brethren. Thy sentiments on the subject will gratifie me. Farewell.

April 10, 1804.