Wythe to Peter Tinsley, 30 March 1801

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Note from Wythe to Peter Tinsley, dated March 30, 1801. Image from Goldberg Coins and Collectibles.


Note Text, 30 March 1801

Page 1

If PT knows the note, of which a copy is inclosed to be his brother Samuel Tinsleys handwriting. and to have been subscribed by him: that his undertenent occupied the house three years, or did not resign the possession of it before expiration of that term; and if PT doth not know more money towards discharging the rent, than twelve dollars, to have been paid, will he^be pleased to give to George Wythe a certification thereof, for the purpose of applying to proper authority for obtaining what remains due, with interest? the certificate may be writen under a copy of the note, and sent, with this paper, to G Wythe, 30 of march, 1801.

Peter Tinsley.