"Williamsburg, July 16"

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This article in the Virginia Gazette is about the status of members of the Virginia legislature, such as George Wythe being appointed to succeed John Randolph as the Clerk of the House of Burgesses.[1]

Article text, 16 July 1767

Page 3


We have the pleasure to inform the publick that his HONOUR the GOVERNOUR, who for some considerable time past has laboured under a very painful and dangerous disorder, is now quite recovered, under the care of Doctor MATTHEW POPE, at York, and it is expected will be in town in a few days.

And we have likewise the satisfaction to acquaint them that the Hon. the SPEAKER, who had lately the misfortune to have his leg much bruised by the oversetting of his carriage up James river, and has been at Wilton some time for his recovery, is looked for daily, having got perfectly well.

On Wednesday the 8th instant died at his feat at Chatsworth[sic], in the county of Henrico, universally regretted, the Hon PETER RANDOLPH, Esq; Surveyor General of his Majesty's customs, and one of the Council of this colony.

Lately died Major HARRY GAINES, one of the Representatives in Assembly for King William county.

The office of Clerk to the House of Burgesses becoming vacant by the resignation of JOHN RANDOLPH, Esq; Attorney General, his Honour the Governour has been pleased to appoint GEORGE WYTHE , Esq; to succeed him.

The General Assembly is further prorogued to the last Thursday in November next.

ARRIVALS.—The Lion, Mudie, from Leith, in Hampton road; the Harriott, Herdsman, from Aberdeen, and the Waters,—, from Whitehaven, in James river.

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  1. Virginia Gazette (Purdie & Dixon, Williamsburg, VA), July 16, 1767.