Les Reports de Sir William Jones

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by Sir William Jones

This is the first edition of synopses of cases tried before Sir William Jones during his judgeships in England and Ireland. "The following Reports contain the cases of greatest remark which happened wither in the Common Pleas or King's Bench, during the time Sir. W. Jones was judge in the said Courts, which was from the 18th year of King James to the 16th of King Charles I. There is likewise reported three Iters, together with the great case in Parliament between the Earl of Oxford and the Lord Willoughby, of Eresly, not any where else printed." [1]

Bibliographic Information

Author: Sir William Jones

Title: Les Reports de Sir William Jones, Chevalier ... De Divers Special Cases Cy Bien in le Court de Banck le Roy, come le Common-Banck in Angleterre, Cy Bien en le Darreign Temps del'Reign de roy Jaqves, come en la'nn de Roy Charles I

Publication Info: London: Printed by T. R. N. T. for Thomas Basset and Richard Chiswel, 1675.


Evidence for Inclusion in Wythe's Library

Description of the Wolf Law Library's copy

Bound in 19th-century three-quarter brown sheep with russet linen boards and red spine label. Purchased from Bauman Rare Books.

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