The Literary Diary of Ezra Stiles

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Introduction and summary.[1]

Excerpt from Volume III

Page 124

His Excellency Gov. Jefferson of Virginia visited me with a Letter from Mr. Sherman1 at Congress. He is appointed by Congress Ambassador from the United States or Minister plenipotentiary with Dr Franklin & Dr Adams, for settling Treaties of Commerce with G. Britain & other foreign Nations. He is on his way with Col. Humphrys, Secy to the Commissioners, to Rh. Isld, Bo & Piscataqua to survey these Eastern States, & take passage at Bo for France. He was educated at and entered W & Mary Coll. 1This letter now in possession of Dr Stiles's great grandson the Rev William C Gannett is in part as follows:¬¬- ANNAPOLIS, IIth May, 1784. SIR, I take the liberty to introduce to you the Honorable Thomas Jefferson Esq’r. . . . He is a Gentleman of much Philosophical as well as political knowledge - and I doubt not you will be very agreeably entertained with his conversation You will be pleased to introduce him to such other gentlemen in the City of New Haven as you may think proper. I am, Sir, with great esteem and respect, Your humble Servant ROGER SHERMAN.

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