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&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Amt. Philadelphia [?]&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;£469.8.5<br />
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Amt. Philadelphia [?]&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;£469.8.5<br />
Philad. 10th Sept. 1775.  <br />
Philad. 10th Sept. 1775.  <br />
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Page 1

"Joseph Blewer to Wythe et al, 2 February 1776, pg 1." Image from The Papers of the Continental Congress, 1774-1789.

To Mess. Deane, Adams, & Wythe,
    Agreeable to the Resolve of the Honorable the Continental Congress of the 18th October 1775. We in behalf of Mess. Daniel & [?] Bourdeaux of Charlestown in South Carolina. Merchants and ourselves. As owner of the Birgantine Sea Nymph Joseph Bradford Mart. De herewith diliver in the Protest of the Said Master, William Pyles, Mate, & John Farr one of the Sailors, Against Allexander Gragham Commander of his Majortive Ship Mercury, for having Seized the Said Brig when Prosecuting her Intended Voyage from this Place to Jamaica, and Carryed her into the port of Batton, As also the Said Joseph Bradford Protest against Vice Admiral Graves, For dispossessing of and taking from him the Command of Said Brig, against his the Said Master’s Consent, Giving no reasons other than she being for his Majesties Use, Neither did the Said Admiral or any other Person, offer any Satisfaction in the Master for Said Brig, Gentlemen.
    Before we state any Account for the Value of this Vessel we would beg leave to Premiss, That in the Building & fitting her Ant, no Expence was Spared by her Owner, to have the Materials of which she was Built & Fitted out the first Quality they having Particularly intended her for a Passenger Vessel and for the Gentlest People, in a Trade between this & South Carolina fitted her with Extraordinary Accommodations & at a great Expence for the Purpose, And in which Situation she was taken the Possession of by the Mercury, And at which time we would Not have today less than what we now Charge her in our Account, herewith Delivered, & to which we beg leave to Refer you.
    If you should want any Further Information, than what these Papers herewith delivered will furnish you with, Cap. Bradford and the Saylor John Farr are both now in this City, & if Necessary will at any time write to you-
                                       Joseph Blewer1759
                                       Daniel Robinson
Philadelphia 2d. February 1776.

Page 2

"Joseph Blewer to Wythe et al, 2 February 1776, pg 2." Image from The Papers of the Continental Congress, 1774-1789.

Blewer & Robinson. Acct. of Seanymph taken from them by the British

Page 3

"Joseph Blewer to Wythe et al, 2 February 1776, pg 3." Image from The Papers of the Continental Congress, 1774-1789.

Account, of the Brig Sea Nymph Seized on her Passage from Philadelphia to Jamaica on the 20th September 1775 by the ship Mercury Allexander Grayham Commander & Carried into Boston, Altho she [?] a Legal Clarence for both Vessel & Charge, Vessel Value’d by us in behalf her owners & under which we would not have told her . . . . £3100 ----

Freight from Philad. To Jamaica, the Balance after deducting £146.8.9, being the Freight of such goods as was Sold in Boston for which the owners [?] payments,/ & paid by Mess Harper & Whithe…

Freight from Jamaica to Philadelphia which ingaged us by Harper & Whithe and we took their freight to Jamaica or let the Brig too them, & without which we would not have let her out and which Harper & Whithe have advise from their Correspondents was Waiting her arrival agreeable to their Order

Philadelphia 2d. February 1776
                             Joseph Blewer1759
                             Daniel Robinson

Page 4

"Joseph Blewer to Wythe et al, 2 February 1776, pg 4." Image from The Papers of the Continental Congress, 1774-1789.

    Brig Sea Nymph Freight Lists from Philad. To Jamaica, as Bills Lading…. Vert.
Harper & Whithe goods in Jamaica Court . . . . £232.8.172.
Jacob Spices . . . . 23.15
Samuel Howell . . . . 132.8
Anthony Waine . . . . 3.5
Levi Hollingsworth . . . . 8.12.9
Thomas Camby . . . . 1.18.
    Vanloose a Cabin Passenger . . . .     10
1.    Storage Passenge name unknown     5
                             £ 417.6.10
Exchange 12. Ct. Advance.               52.1.7
    Amt. Philadelphia [?]              £469.8.5
Philad. 10th Sept. 1775.