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Letter from James Henry to Wythe, dated February 2, 1778. Image from Heritage Auctions.

Letter Text, 2 February 1778

Page 1

York Town Feb. 2d. 1778.

Hon. Sir,

After thanking you for the disinterested kindness of taking Charge of my money, permit me to ask one favor more. is this - Having received from Mr. Curtis a written direction to pay the money to Mr. James Hill, of which I have advised him; please to pay him Certificates and take his receipt. I know you don't wish for apologies; therefore allow only to say further, that I am with the most perfect Esteem

Dear Sir
Your very hum Servt,
Jas Henry

Page 2

Received 25 Aug. 1778, of George Wythe one loan office certificate for one thousand one hundred seventy three and one third dollars, payable to Isaac Smith, esq; and forty six other loan office certificates, each for three hundred thirty three and one third dollars payable to James Henry esq.

at Hill

To The Hon. Geo. Wythe Esq-