Genethlialogia, or, The Doctrine of Nativities

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by John Gadbury

Bibliographic Information

Author: John Gadbury

Title: Genethlialogia, or, The Doctrine of Nativities: Containing the Whole Art of Directions and Annual Revolutions, Whereby Any Man (Even of an Ordinary Capacity) May Be Enabled To Discover The Most Remarkable And Occult Accidents Of His Life, As They Shall Occur Unto Him In The Whole Course Thereof, Either For Good Or Evil: Also Tables For Calculating The Planets Places For Any Time, Either Past, Present Or To Come, Together With The Doctrine Of Horarie Questions Which (In The Absence Of A Nativity) Is Sufficient To Inform Any One Of All Manner Of Contingencies Necessary To Be Known

Published: London: Printed by Ja. Cottrel for Giles Calvert, William Larnar, and Daniel White, 1658.


Evidence for Inclusion in Wythe's Library

Description of the Wolf Law Library's copy