Complaint, 12 May 1747, of Hart v. Zimmerman

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Bill of complaint in Orange County, Va. in the case of Daniel Hart vs. Christopher Zimmerman, signed by George Wythe for the plaintiff.


Document Text, 12 May 1747

Page 1

Orange County, to with.

Daniel Hart complains of Christopher Zimmerman Administrator of all and singular the Goods and Chattels Rights and Credits which were of John Newport lately deceased at the Time of his Death. of a Plea of Trespass on the Case for that whereas the said John in his Lifetime, that is to say, on the twelfth Day of May, in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and forty seven, at the County aforesaid, was indebted to the said Daniel six Pounds seven Shillings and six Pence Current Money of Virginia for divers Medicines before that Time sold and delivered by the said Daniel to the said John at his special Instance and Request and also for sundry Visits and other Services ^ made done and performed by the said Daniel being a Physician for the said John at his like special Instance and Request and the said John being so indebted in Consideration thereof afterwards in his Lifetime to wit on the Day and in the Year aforesaid, and at the same Place undertook and faithfully promises the said Daniel that he the said John would well and truly pay and satisfie to the said Daniel the aforesaid Sum of Money when he should be afterwards thereunto required. Nevertheless the said John in his Lifetime and the said Christopher to whom Administration of all and singular the Goods Chattels and Credits which were of the said John at the Time of his Death

Page 2

was committed in due Form since his Death not regarding the said Promises and Undertaking of the said John made in Manner and Form aforesaid but contriving and fraudulently intending craftily and subtilly to deceive and defraud the said Daniel in this Particular did not pay the said Sum of Money to the said Daniel, nor make him any Satisfaction for the same, but altogether refused and then said Christopher still doth refuse to pay the same to him wherefore the said Daniel declared that he is injured and endamaged to the Value of ten Pounds and therefore he hath brought this Suit, and so forth.

Wythe for the Pl.}
for the Def.