Un Abridgment des Plusieurs Cases et Resolutions del Common Ley

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by Henry Rolle

Henry Rolle (1589/90-1656)served as both a politician in the British Parliament and as a judge, primarily on the King's Bench. His legal interests laid primarily in trade and finance questions as well as the rights of subjects, including habeus corpus, impressment, and martial law. Un Abridgment des Plusieurs Cases et Resolutions del Common Ley is a treatise on common law, edited by Matthew Hale, which Rolle had compiled for his students. [1]

"The more obsolete Titles in Fitzherbert and Brooke are omitted, but besides the printed books extant in Lord Rolle's time, it abridges many of the Parliament Rolls and other authentic Records, and contains many cases that came under the author's own observation when he was Chief Justice of the King's Bench (during the usurpation) which are not otherwise reported. Mr. Hargrave mentions this work as excellent in its king (Co. Lit., 9a)." [2]

Bibliographic Information

Author: Henry Rolle

Title: Un Abridgment des Plusieurs Cases et Resolutions del Common Ley: Alphabeticalment Digest Desouth Severall Titles

Publication Info: London: Printed for A. Crooke, 1668.


Evidence for Inclusion in Wythe's Library

Description of the Wolf Law Library's copy


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