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Law Library Movies: Patent

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Law movies
Flash of Genius (2008)
Rated:  PG-13  Stars: ***1/2
Format:  DVD  120 min. 
Plot: One man's fight to receive recognition for his ingenuity comes at a heavy price.
Cast: Greg Kinnear, Lauren Graham, Dermont Mulroney. Directed by Marc Abraham.
Categories:  Patent  Corporations  Biography

Law movies
Jerk, The (1979)
Rated:  R  Stars: ***1/2
Format:  DVD  94 min. 
Plot: A complete imbecile struggles to make it through life on his own, until a strange invention makes him unbelievably wealthy.
Cast: Steve Martin, Bernadette Peters, Catlin Adams, Jackie Mason. Directed by Carl Reiner.
Categories:  Comedy  Patent  Family

Law movies
Primer (2004)
Rated:  pg-13  Stars: ***1/2
Format:  DVD  77 min. 
Plot: Two young engineers struggle with the consequences of exploiting their mysterious new invention.
Cast: Shane Carruth, David Sullivan, Casey Gooden, Anand Upadhyaya, Carrie Crawford. Directed by Shane Carruth.
Categories:  Patent  Securities  SciFi/Fantasy

Law movies
Wallace & Gromit: The Wrong Trousers (1993)
Rated:  NR  Stars: ****
Format:  DVD  62 min. 
Plot: Wallace is used by a criminal penguin in a robbery involving mechanical trousers.
Cast: Peter Sallis. Directed by Nick Park.
Categories:  Animation  Comedy  Patent

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