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Law Library Movies: Debtor-Creditor

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Law movies
99 Homes (2014)
Rated:  R  Stars: ***1/2
Format:  DVD  112 min. 
Plot: A recently unemployed single father struggles to get back his foreclosed home by working for the real estate broker who is the source of his frustration.
Cast: Andrew Garfield, Michael Shannon, Laura Dern, Clancy Brown, Tim Guinee. Directed by Ramin Bahrani.
Categories:  Drama  Family  Debtor-Creditor

Law movies
Cassandra's Dream (2007)
Rated:  PG-13  Stars: ***1/2
Format:  DVD  109 min. 
Plot: Two brothers in dire financial straits contemplate murder to pay off their debts.
Cast: Hayley Atwell, Colin Farrell, Sally Hawkins, Ewan McGregor, Tom Wilkinson. Directed by Woody Allen.
Categories:  Family  Debtor-Creditor  Drama

Law movies
Drag Me to Hell (2009)
Rated:  NR  Stars: ***1/2
Format:  DVD  99 min. 
Plot: A loan officer ordered to evict an old woman from her home finds herself the recipient of a supernatural curse.
Cast: Alison Lohman, Justin Long, Lorna Raver, Dileep Rao. Directed by Sam Raimi.
Categories:  Horror  Debtor-Creditor  SciFi/Fantasy

Law movies
Earrings of Madame de..., The (1953)
Rated:  NR  Stars: ****
Format:  DVD  105 min. B&W
Plot: In France in the late 19th century, the wife of a wealthy general sells the earrings her husband gave her on their wedding day to pay off debts and claims to have lost them.
Cast: Charles Boyer, Danielle Darrieux, Vittorio De Sica, Jean Debucourt. Directed by Max Ophuls.
Categories:  Debtor-Creditor  Marital Relations  Drama

Law movies
Funny Girl (1968)
Rated:  G  Stars: ***1/2
Format:  DVD  155 min. 
Plot: The life of Fanny Brice, famed comedienne and entertainer of the early-1900s.
Cast: Barbara Streisand, Omar Sharif. Directed by William Wyler.
Categories:  Biography  Musical  Debtor-Creditor

Law movies
Maxed Out (2006)
Rated:  NR  Stars: ****
Format:  DVD  90 min. 
Plot: Maxed Out takes us on a journey deep inside the American debt-style, where everything seems okay as long as the minimum monthly payment arrives on time.
Cast: . Directed by James D. Scurlock.
Categories:  Documentary  Consumer  Debtor-Creditor

Law movies
Molière (2007)
Rated:  PG-13  Stars: ***1/2
Format:  DVD  121 min. 
Plot: A debt-ridden actor and playwright agrees to help a wealthy, married, man seduce a rich widow in exchange for the payment of his debts. In French with English subtitles.
Cast: Romain Duris, Fabrice Luchini, Laura Morante, Edouard Baer, Ludivine Sagnier. Directed by Laurent Tirard.
Categories:  Comedy  Debtor-Creditor  Romance

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