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[[Category:Letters from Wythe]]
[[Category:Letters from Wythe]]

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"Wythe to Thomas Jefferson, 22 December 1786." Image from the Library of Congress, The Thomas Jefferson Papers.

GW to TJ.
    Lest a letter, which, a few days ago, i wrote to you, should not come to your hands, i now write this, to entreat, that you will let us have your thoughts on the confederation of the american states, which is proposed to be revised in the summer following. i mentioned in that letter, that Peter Carr was attending the professors of natural and moral philosophy, and mathematics, learning the french and spanish languages, and with me reading Heradotus, Aeschysus, Cicero, and Horace; and that i wished to know if you approved of the course, or would recommend any other. Farewell.
    22 decemb