Wythe to George Hay, November 1802

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A memorandum dated November, 1802, from Wythe to Judge George Hay (1765-1830), of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, inquiring after a report in the case of Wolcott, et al. v. Swan, et al.

The document formed part of the collection of Robert Gilmor, Jr. (1774-1848), a prominent American merchant of Baltimore, Maryland, and collector of art, coins, and autographs.[1] Gilmor made a notation on the reverse.

Letter text, November 1802

Image from Scott J. Winslow Associates, Inc., Americana.

Page 1

G, Wythe to m' Hay

In the cause between Swan & Walcot hath another report been prepared? novemb'r, 1802

Page 2

M' Hay

Chancellor Wythe was one
[of the] signers of the declaration
[of] Independence from Virginia.
[text obscured] was given to me by Professor
[obscured] of the University at
[obscured] lotteville[?] in 1821.                      R. Gilmor

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