The Universal Dictionary Of Trade And Commerce

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by Malachy Postlethwayt

Bibliographic Information

Author: Malachy Postlethwayt

Title: The Universal Dictionary Of Trade And Commerce: With Large Additions And Improvements, Adapting The Same To The Present State Of British Affairs In America, Since The Last Treaty Of Peace Made In The Year 1763. With Great Variety Of New Remarks And Illustrations Incorporated Throughout The Whole Together With Everything Essential That Is Contained In Savary's Dictionary: Also, All The Material Laws Of Trade And Navigation Relating To These Kingdoms, And The Customs And Usages To Which All Traders Are Subject

Published: London : Printed for H. Woodfall, A. Millar, J. and R. Tonson, J. Rivington, J. Hinton, R. Baldwin, L. Hawes and W. Clarke and R. Collins, R. Horsfield, W. Johnston, T. Longman, J. Brotherton, J. Dodsley, T. Payne, J. Robson, T. Lowndes, W. Nicoll, and J. Knox, 1766.


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