Brownlow Latine Redivivus

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by Richard Brownlow

Richard Brownlow (1553-1638) entered Middle Temple in 1583 and became Chief Protonotary of the Court of Common Pleas in 1590, a position he held until his death. [1] This work Brownlow Latine Redivivus is considered "the first complete edition of Brownlow's Forms."[2]

Bibliographic Information

Author: Richard Brownlow

Title: Brownlow Latine Redivivus: a Book of Entries, of Such Declarations, Informations, Pleas in Barr and Abatement, Replications, Rejoynders, Issues, Verdicts, Bills of Exception to Verdicts, Judgements, Demurrers, and other Parts of Pleadings, (Now in Use) in Personal and Mixt Actions; Contained in the First and Second Parts of the Declarations and pleadings of Richard Brownlow.

Published: London: Printed by the assigns of Richard and Edward Atkyns, Esquires, 1693.


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