Journal of Doctor Samuel Holten

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Journal text, 1 January 1780

Page 121

Jan. 1, 1780. The Hon. Mr Forbes1 supped with us.

3. Rec'd a letter from ye hon. Mr Adams and the hon. Mr Palmer.

The Virginia troops marched thro' this city to South Carolina.

5. It is said some of the enemies vessels are ashore in the Jerseys.

6. I wrote to Mr Adams.

8. We have accounts that ye army is in great want of provisions.

10. I dined with the Minister of France, Mr President Reed & a number of members of Congress dined there.

12. The enemy is in great want of supplies.

14. I visited the President's lady, she is sick with the small Pox.

15. Congress agreed upon a number of resolutions for establishing a Court of Appeals, of members out of Congress.

18. I dined with the Minister of France. Three years this day since the decease of my hond Father.

19. Yesterday Mr Searle cained the Sec'y of Congress & the Sec'y returned the same salute.

22. Baron Stuben came here to board. Mr Wythe,2 Mr Holman & Mr _____ Judges of Appeals.

1James Forbes, delegate from Maryland.

2George Wythe (1728-1806) of Virginia, a "Signer" and wealthy slave owner.

Page 122

25. Samuel Osgood,1 Esqr arrived here from Boston, charged with business from the Court. Received a letter from Colo. Hutchinson.

26. Rec'd a letter from Jonath Webster, Esqr. Mr Osgood dined with us.

29. I dined with Colo. Pickering.

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