Wythe et al. to Patrick Henry(?), 7 November 1776

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Because Congress decided that it would be best for matters between states to be settled by an outside state, George Wythe, Benjamin Harrison, Richard Henry Lee, Francis Lightfoot Lee write to the Governor Patrick Henry informing him that they have appointed three auditors from North Carolina for Virginia. The issue being settled is most likely about making a final decision of changing a boundary between Pennsylvania and Virginia which was discussed in a letter back in September. [1]

Letter text

Honorable Sir,

Philadelphia, 7 Nov. 1776.

Congress judging it best that the accounts of one state be settled by persons of some other, have appointed three auditors of North Carolina, for Virginia, as you will see by the inclosed resolution. We are, Honble Sir, Your obedient servants,

G. Wythe
Benj Harrison
Richard Henry Lee
Francis Lightfoot Lee

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