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Law Library Movies: Criminal Procedure

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Law movies
10 Rillington Place (1971)
Rated:  PG  Stars: ****1/2
Format:  DVD  111 min. 
Plot: A middle aged mans unassuming demeanor masks the fact that he is a serial killer.
Cast: Richard Attenborough, Judy Geeson, John Hurt, Pat Heywood. Directed by Richard Fleischer.
Categories:  Drama  Criminal Procedure  Trial

Law movies
American Side, The (2016)
Rated:  NR  Stars: **1/2
Format:  DVD  90 min. 
Plot: Following a mysterious suicide at Niagara Falls, a low-rent detective unravels a conspiracy to build a revolutionary invention by an enigmatic scientist.
Cast: Greg Stuhr, Alijca Bachleda, Camilla Belle. Directed by Jenna Ricker.
Categories:  Drama  Mystery/Suspense  Criminal Procedure

Law movies
Art of the Heist (2006)
Rated:  NR  Stars: ****
Format:  DVD (4 disc set) 12 hours, 58 min. 
Plot: Investigates the high-profile thefts of some of the world's greatest pieces of art.
Cast: Narration by Dion Graham and Eric Myers. Directed by Boise Vincent.
Categories:  Documentary  Art  Criminal Procedure

Law movies
Bernie (2011)
Rated:  PG-13  Stars: ***1/2
Format:  DVD  104 min. 
Plot: A mortician goes to great lengths to create the illusion that a wealthy widow, that he befriended and killed, is still alive.
Cast: Shirley MacLaine, Matthew McConaughey, Jack Black. Directed by Richard Linklater.
Categories:  Drama  Domestic Relations  Criminal Procedure

Law movies
Beverly Hills Cop II (1987)
Rated:  R  Stars: ***1/2
Format:  DVD  100 min. 
Plot: Axel returns to Beverly Hills to help investigate a near-fatal shooting and the series of "alphabet crimes" associated with it.
Cast: Eddie Murphy, Judge Reinhold, Jürgen Prochnow, Ronny Cox. Directed by Tony Scott.
Categories:  Drama  Criminal Procedure  Action

Law movies
Brothers in Law, The (1957)
Rated:  NR  Stars: ****
Format:  VHS  94 min. B&W
Plot: A newly qualified barrister joins his flatmate as a trainee at a London law firm.
Cast: Richard Attenborough, Ian Carmichael, Terry Thomas. Directed by Ray Boulting.
Categories:  Comedy  Civil Procedure  Criminal Procedure

Law movies
Clarence Darrow (1974)
Rated:  NR  Stars: ****
Format:  DVD  81 min. 
Plot: A videotaped production of Henry Fonda's stage performance as Clarence Darrow, one of the 20th century's foremost trial lawyers, in the one-man play.
Cast: Henry Fonda. Directed by John Houseman.
Categories:  Television  Criminal Procedure  Advocacy

Law movies
Court (2014)
Rated:  NR  Stars: ****
Format:  DVD  116 min. 
Plot: When an aging activist is arrested, the lives of the accused, the lawyers, and the judge intertwine to reveal bigotry that underscores the judicial system.
Cast: Vira Sathidar, Vivek Gamber, Geetanjli Kulkarini. Directed by Chaitanya Tamhane.
Categories:  Drama  Racism  Criminal Procedure

Law movies
Deadline (2004)
Rated:  NR  Stars: ***
Format:  DVD  90 min. 
Plot: A compelling look inside America's prisons, highlighting one man's unlikely and historic actions against the system.
Cast: Participants portray themselves. Directed by Katy Chevigny and Kerstin Johnson.
Categories:  Documentary  Death Penalty  Criminal Procedure

Law movies
Flight (2012)
Rated:  R  Stars: ***1/2
Format:  Blu-ray/DVD  138 min. 
Plot: An airline pilot saves lives during a crash, but an investigation into the malfunction reveals something more troubling.
Cast: Denzel Washington, Don Cheadle, Kelly Reilly, John Goodman, Bruce Greenwood, Melissa Leo. Directed by Robert Zemeckis.
Categories:  Transportation  Drama  Criminal Procedure

Law movies
High Anxiety (1977)
Rated:  PG  Stars: ***
Format:  DVD  94 min. 
Plot: A renowned Harvard psychiatrist with a paralyzing fear of heights becomes head of the Psycho-Neurotic Institute for the Very Very Nervous.
Cast: Mel Brooks, Madeline Kahn, Cloris Leachman, Harvey Korman, Ron Carey, Howard Morris, Dick Van Patten. Directed by Mel Brooks.
Categories:  Comedy  Mental Health  Criminal Procedure

Law movies
Highlander (1986)
Rated:  R  Stars: ****
Format:  DVD  116 min. 
Plot: An immortal swordsman confronts the last of his immortal opponents, in a contest for a fabled "Prize." Soundtrack by Queen.
Cast: Christopher Lambert, Roxanne Hart, Clancy Brown, Sean Connery, Beatie Edney, Alan North, Jon Polito, Sheila Gish, Hugh Quarshie, Christopher Malcolm, Peter Diamond. Directed by Russell Mulcahy.
Categories:  Action  Estates  Criminal Procedure

Law movies
Hitchcock Thrillers (2009)
Rated:  NR  Stars: ****
Format:  DVD (2 disc set) 7 hours, 11 min. B&W
Plot: Classic thrillers include Suspicion, Strangers On a Train, I Confess, and The Wrong Man.
Cast: Joan Fontaine, Cary Grant, Robert Walker, Farley Granger, Montgomery Clift, Anne Baxter, Karl Malden, Henry Fonda, Vera Miles. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock.
Categories:  Mystery/Suspense  Criminal Procedure  Mental Health

Law movies
I Wake Up Screaming (1941)
Rated:  G  Stars: ****
Format:  DVD  82 min. B&W
Plot: Why is an inspector trying to railroad a man for the murder of a model?
Cast: Betty Grable, Victor Mature, Carole Landis, Laird Cregar. Directed by Bruce Humberstone.
Categories:  Drama  Women  Criminal Procedure

Law movies
If Beale Street Could Talk (2018)
Rated:  R  Stars: ****
Format:  Blu-ray/DVD  119 min. 
Plot: A young woman in Harlem struggles to prove her fiancé innocent of a crime.
Cast: KiKi Layne, Stephan James, Regina King, Teyonah Parris, Colman Domingo . Directed by Barry Jenkins.
Categories:  Drama  Racism  Criminal Procedure

Law movies
Insomnia (2002)
Rated:  R  Stars: ***1/2
Format:  DVD  118 min. 
Plot: Two homicide detectives are dispatched to a northern town where the sun doesn't set to investigate the methodical murder of a local teen.
Cast: Al Pacino, Hilary Swank, Robin Williams. Directed by Christopher Nolan.
Categories:  Mystery/Suspense  Mental Health  Criminal Procedure

Law movies
Interview, The (1998)
Rated:  NR  Stars: ***1/2
Format:  DVD  104 min. 
Plot: A duel between a suspected murderer and a detective pressed by people who want results. But whose skin is really wanted.
Cast: Hugo Weaving, Tony Martin, Aaron Jeffery. Directed by Craig Monahan.
Categories:  Drama  Criminal Procedure  Law Enforcement

Law movies
Jinx, The: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst (2015)
Rated:  NR  Stars: ****1/2
Format:  DVD (2 disc set) 4 hours, 39 min. 
Plot: A groundbreaking documentary series sheds new light on real-estate icon, Robert Durst, while unraveling one of the most notorious unsolved crimes in New York history.
Cast: Robert Durst, Gary Napoli, Debra Kay Anderson. Directed by Andrew Jarecki.
Categories:  Documentary  Biography  Criminal Procedure

Law movies
Laura (1944)
Rated:  G  Stars: ****
Format:  DVD  88 min. B&W
Plot: A police detective falls in love with the woman whose murder he's investigating.
Cast: Vincent Price, Clifton Webb, Dana Andrews, Gene Tierney. Directed by Otto Preminger.
Categories:  Mystery/Suspense  Criminal Procedure  Domestic Relations

Law movies
Margaret (2011)
Rated:  R  Stars: ***1/2
Format:  DVD  150 min. 
Plot: A young woman witnesses a bus accident and gets caught up in the aftermath.
Cast: Anna Paquin, J. Smith-Cameron, Jean Reno, Allison Janney, Matthew Broderick, Matt Damon. Directed by Kenneth Lonergan.
Categories:  Drama  Children  Criminal Procedure

Law movies
Marshall (2017)
Rated:  PG-13  Stars: ***1/2
Format:  Blu-ray/DVD  118 min. 
Plot: Story of future Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall and one of his landmark cases.
Cast: Chadwick Boseman, Josh Gad, Kate Hudson. Directed by Reginald Hudlin.
Categories:  Biography  Drama  Criminal Procedure

Law movies
Murder on a Sunday Morning (2001)
Rated:  NR  Stars: ****
Format:  DVD  111 min. 
Plot: Documents a murder trial in which a 15-year-old African-American is wrongfully accused of a 2000 murder in Jacksonville, Florida.
Cast: Ann Finnell, Patrick McGuinness, James Williamsb. Directed by Jean-Xaxier de Lestrade.
Categories:  Documentary  Criminal Procedure  Media

Law movies
Once Upon a Time in Anatolia (2011)
Rated:  NR  Stars: ****
Format:  DVD  157 min. 
Plot: A police commissioner, a prosecuter, a doctor, and a murder suspect search for a corpse. In Turkish with English subtitles.
Cast: Muhammet Uzuner, Yilmaz Erdogan, Taner Birsel, Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan, Firat Tanis. Directed by Nuri Bilge Ceylan.
Categories:  Foreign  Law Enforcement  Criminal Procedure

Law movies
Pink Panther, The (1963)
Rated:  PG  Stars: ***1/2
Format:  DVD  115 min. 
Plot: Bumbling and conceited French police inspector Clouseau tries to catch The Phantom, a daring jewel thief whose identity and features are unknown - and is acting right under his nose.
Cast: David Niven, Peter Sellers, Robert Wagner, Capucine. Directed by Blake Edwards.
Categories:  Comedy  Criminal Procedure

Law movies
Prisoners (2013)
Rated:  R  Stars: ****
Format:  Blu-ray/DVD  153 min. 
Plot: A man takes matters into his own hands when his daughter and her friend go missing.
Cast: Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Viola Davis, Maria Bello. Directed by Denis Villeneuve.
Categories:  Drama  Criminal Procedure  Family

Law movies
Raven, The (2012)
Rated:  R  Stars: ****
Format:  DVD  110 min. 
Plot: A police detective discovers a killer's methods mirror the twisted writings of Edgar Allan Poe.
Cast: John Cusack, Luke Evans, Alice Evans, Kevin R. McNally. Directed by James McTeigue.
Categories:  Mystery/Suspense  Criminal Procedure  Art

Law movies
Return of the Pink Panther, The (1975)
Rated:  G  Stars: ***1/2
Format:  DVD  113 min. 
Plot: Inspector Clouseau is put on the case when the Pink Panther diamond is stolen, with the Phantom's trademark glove the only clue.
Cast: Peter Sellers, Christopher Plummer, Catherine Schell, Herbert Lom. Directed by Blake Edwards.
Categories:  Drama  Criminal Procedure  Comedy

Law movies
Romeo is Bleeding (1993)
Rated:  R  Stars: ****
Format:  DVD  100 min. 
Plot: Desire and a series of deadly double-crosses erupt between a voyeuristic cop and a violent woman gangster.
Cast: Gary Oldman, Lena Olin, Annabella Sciorra, Juliette Lewis, Roy Scheider. Directed by Peter Medak.
Categories:  Drama  Organized Crime  Criminal Procedure

Law movies
Scenes of a Crime (2011)
Rated:  NR  Stars: ***1/2
Format:  DVD  86 min. 
Plot: Explores how modern police interrogation tactics (including lies, threats and false evidence) place extraordinary pressures on suspects.
Cast: . Directed by Grover Babcock and Blue Hadaegh.
Categories:  Documentary  Mystery/Suspense  Criminal Procedure

Law movies
Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows (2011)
Rated:  PG-13  Stars: ****
Format:  DVD  129 min. 
Plot: Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick Dr. Watson join forces to outwit and bring down their fiercest adversary, Professor Moriarty.
Cast: Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, Jared Harris. Directed by Guy Ritchie.
Categories:  Action  Criminal Procedure

Law movies
Shot in the Dark, A (1964)
Rated:  PG  Stars: ****
Format:  DVD  102 min. 
Plot: As murder follows murder and Maria is the obvious suspect; bumbling Inspector Clouseau drives his boss mad by seeing her as plainly innocent.
Cast: Peter Sellers, Elke Sommers, George Sanders, Herbert Lom. Directed by Blake Edwards.
Categories:  Drama  Criminal Procedure  Domestic Relations

Law movies
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017)
Rated:  R  Stars: ****
Format:  Blu-ray/DVD  115 min. 
Plot: A mother personally challenges the local authorities to solve her daughter's murder when they fail to catch the culprit.
Cast: Frances McDormand, Woody Harrelson, Sam Rockwell. Directed by Martin McDonagh.
Categories:  Drama  Family  Criminal Procedure

Law movies
West of Memphis (2012)
Rated:  R  Stars: ****
Format:  DVD  147 min. 
Plot: An examination of a failure of justice in the case against the West Memphis Three.
Cast: Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin, Jessie Miskelly. Directed by Amy Berg.
Categories:  Documentary  Criminal Procedure  Justice

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