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A Christian Directory (1673)

This large folio, by the English Puritan and Nonconformist leader, presents a practical exposition of the author's religious views. Richard Baxter divided the book into four sections: "Christian Ethicks," "Christian Oeconomicks," "Christian Ecclesiasticks," and "Christian Politicks," and related these sections to the duty of the individual to self, family, church and others. In doing so, he captured the spirit of Puritan thought and belief in the mid-seventeenth-century.

Baxter, Richard. A Christian Directory: or a Summ of Practical Theologie, and Cases of Conscience: Directing Christians, How to Use their Knowledge and Faith; How to Improve all Helps and Means, and to Perform all Duties; How to Overcome Temptations, and to Escape or Mortifie Every Sin. London: Printed by Robert White for Nevill Simmons, 1673.

Frontispiece, Richard Baxter, A Christian Directory, 1673.

Half-title page, Richard Baxter, A Christian Directory, 1673.

Table of contents, Richard Baxter, A Christian Directory, 1673.